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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
The 50 or so Leaf sprung Jeeps I have built since being in business the last 14 years now have all gone out the door without a track bar. I guess I must be doing something wrong by using new quality parts or replacing worn items such as the above mentioned "bad bushings"

And the sleeved track bar, always a good idea Idieselman
that ONE ford you lifted makes you qualified to give advice on the subject.

I must have read the forum title wrong, is this the booty fab forum?

Now back to your question tomCJ7, sorry about the rant. Please take the time to check your spring bushings and make sure your shackles have the center bar or "pin" as some call it. If your shackles are longer than stock and your bushings are questionable than yes your Jeep will sway to one side when sitting static in your driveway and turning the wheel back and forth. I am not saying the track bar wont eliminate this movement, it will help no doubt.

But why not shoot for the elimination of the unneeded parts and replace the worn or improper parts instead. Have you checked your front shocks yet? Those too can magnify the side to side diving if they are wore out.
Shocks are new iam sure the uber long advanced auto shakel kit isnt helping the situation and iam planning on driving it for a summer and then going 4 link with serios axels and a v8 but all i was really asking was if it would be ok to lengthen my stock track bar for a little extra suport
upon further inspection.............actually i saw it when i looked at the jeep the steering box where the pitman arm attaches to (that shaft) has play in it when you jockey the wheel . iam sure that re attaching the track bar will help my situation

i have stock axels and 35s and the rear is welded i mean c mon how long can they really make it before i grenade the axels anywho
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