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Originally Posted by wheelingmachine View Post
could there have been a short or broken cell in th battery that would let it sure before this that you have tried to jump it with the battery in place.the motor sounds very good as you stated above. i also would cut the wiring and wire in some after market lights. do you plan on driving this machine around much on the road?
I'm gonna test the bat and alternator. Back when the MM failed, the motor smashed my alternator a couple times on the frame rail so it could've internally effed it. Might just be chasing that since it fired fine once it was completely hooked to a different vehicle's juice. Yeah, I don't need all those lights involved in the harness as this thing is 100% trailer queen, so I prolly will just simplify it.

Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
since my knowlage is more chevy based I would still suspect a head issue. its not like cast iron to grow shut. I have done hundreds of the old straight 6 chevys and the heads cracked. its their nature. I recomend pulling the head and having it checked for cracks. if none are found then I would put in a new head gasket and call it good.
its lttle effort now to repair then out in the trail.

secondly the tube chassie would be a huge step up as would and ELECTRIC fan. to take care of cooling.
True true. The tube chassis will come, but I'd rather limit my downtime so I'll have that all ready to go and paid for before I make the switch. I'll be getting a Spal electric fan when the times comes.

Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post

Your Irok is mounted backwards :tonka:

I chunked the hell out of the front edges. Figured I'd attack the rear edges for a while Then again, there's no rocks out here to chunk anything on...
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