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Default dana 300 twin stick

so i came across this website:

It is a home built dana 300 twin stick. guy said it only costs around $30 if you do all the machining yourself. So i thought i would give it a try. It became todays project for me. the site gives a list of all parts and dimensions. ran to TSC down the road and got most the parts there. walked out with a bill of less $30. I started by cutting all the flat stock to length and drilling all the holes. This is probably the most time consuming part of the project. here is a pic of all the finished parts

as you can see in the picture, the piece to the lower right is twisted 90 degrees in the middle. I used MAPP gas for this. IT worked but it takes a long to get a piece of 1/4" flat stock to twist 90 degrees. I'm sure a torch would have made easy work of it.

Once those were twisted i took them to the table grinder to level out the ends a little better. I then bolted them to the t-case.

Next i installed the adjustable connecting bracket thingys. they have multiple holes so it can be setup just the way you like it. they bolt up using 1/4-20 hardware.

I then installed the upper mount pieces and the arms that pivot on them. as you can see i had to bend the outer arm to reach. this is the way it was shown on the site were i got the idea. i couldn't get it to work the way i wanted so i ended up modifying it. here is a picture of how it first looked.

and here is a picture of how i made it work

i made a new piece as i destroyed the one i bent. this time i took two 1/2" nuts and drilled them out. welded them together then welded them to the new piece. this worked as a perfect spacer that lined everything up perfectly. here is a top view of that

I have yet to weld on the shifter handles but will do that soon. all in all it seems to work real well. i had to modify the original design to something that i feel works better. will post more pics of it finished once i get to that point.

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