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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
cuz it's a HUGE book! We only have a short amount of time to cover hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. You can't sit and dwell on one thing for too long. Plus, even if we forget about separation of church and state, are we then going to go over the Qu'ran, the Torah, and every other holy book? you could dedicate an entire semester class to the study of one of those books.
I guess I'm getting old. When I went to school not only did we have to walk up hill both ways in the snow, but in second grade for example we had to read all the books of at least one letter of the Enclyclopedia each week and memorize everything in it, I'm glad school didn't get tough untill later. You would get a little tired since you got up at 4am to hand milk the cows and do your other chores, and sometimes you had to fight off the Indians on the way to school, or comming home, not to mention the random bear or pack of wolves that would attack.
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