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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
lets take this from another veiw.

AS for you and I, we have the ability to make ANYTHING road legal depending on the state its titled in. I fly a hovercraft down the road if its got lights & turnsignals and meets the criteria for the state.
Not true, You can meet minimum braking distances spec'd in P.A.300
You're statement in red is the exact point I'm trying to make!

as for you riding things with plates from other states.

Federal law says your intitled to. there is a standing agreement that ANY road legal vehicle can cross state bounderies no matter the configuration if it was titled by any secretary of state.
So what do you do with ATVs that are licensed in other states, I'll bet you wouldn't last 10 minutes on 14 mile with one. Va. and I think Minnesota plate these things.

as for being safer then other vehicles on the road? try riding your 2 wheeled motorcycle and tell me you are any safer?
I'm not saying the driver isn't safe, he's not what I'm concerned about. What I am concerned with is being able to keep the vehicle under control with out hurting a bystander.

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