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Originally Posted by kb8ymf View Post
While this may be a bit off-topic:
Any MSP Post that inspects and approves these size vehicles for legal street use in my opinion is irresponsible. An attorney could very well make a case that the owners be held responsible for accidents caused by these vehicles as they were not designed for public highways. Just because you have DOT tires does NOT make it safe. Braking systems, stability factors, windshield protection, all requirements of FMVSS standards. These vehicles are all woefully short of meeting any of these requirements.
As far a being 'limited to county roads'. I have never seen nor do any officers I know aware of any stipulation with the exception M/C under 125CC on Interstate highways.
lets take this from another veiw.

if I was to take my Rhino or Razor and make it street legal why would it not be so in the eyes of the law?

it would have...
a title
D.O.T. rated tires
windshield, & roof/rollbar
turn signals
and depending on the seat arangement seat belts and shoulder straps.

so at what point would ANY attorney look at this as not street legal?

I work in Chryslers Crash test lab. I do this stuff for a living. the only thing that prevents more vehicles from being brought in dirrectly as road vehicles are the production rules that applie "Currently" they are all subject to change and the only thing preventing that is how much your government would make off it if they made it legal.

AS for you and I, we have the ability to make ANYTHING road legal depending on the state its titled in. I fly a hovercraft down the road if its got lights & turnsignals and meets the criteria for the state.

as for you riding things with plates from other states..

Federal law says your intitled to. there is a standing agreement that ANY road legal vehicle can cross state bounderies no matter the configuration if it was titled by any secretary of state.

as for being safer then other vehicles on the road? try riding your 2 wheeled motorcycle and tell me you are any safer?
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