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Default The most labor intensive do-it-yourself beadlocks EVAR

I sold my boggers on H1s and wanted a good option to run a 17" steel rim, beadlocked, with deep backspacing (I didn't want a wider track). I ended up settling on stock Dodge Ram rims. 17x8 with about 5.5" BS... and DIY beadlocks (FREE SHIPPING!!!)

The problem is with the deep backspacing. The outer lip of the wheel is so close to the inner dish on the wheel, that if you weld on the inner beadlock ring, there isn't any room to get a nut behind the ring for the beadlocks.

To solve this, I had a buddy (who will never die) burn me a few "spacer rings" to space the inner beadlock ring from the wheel dish. This caused twice the amount of welding... and twice the chances of the beads leaking once they are mounted up.

The pics show the timeline

These are the stock 17" "chrome clad" rims. the chrome is just glued on... but very well done I might ad.

start peeling up the cladding, starting in the center

once you have worked the center of the cladding loose, start on the outside. You might have to cut a line in the outside of the cladding to create a weak spot, so you can fold the cladding over onto itself

and BAM, you have a stel wheel

Now you can see the shallow dish problem I mentioned before... there isn;t enough room for the inner beadlock and a 3/8" nut.

So here are the 3/8" spacers. They were made in quarters to reduce the amount of scrap metal

all burnt in, and ready to weld the inner ring over the spacers

the inner ring burnt in

And the final product.... not sure why the picture turned out grainy... probably because I've dropped my camera one too many times.

They were a ton of work, and are ungodly heavy.... but I like them. They were the cheap way to have rims that don't have a huge offset with outer beadlocks. The 18.5" boggers on H1s put my outside to outside dim at about 84". The 14" Krawlers on 9" beadlocks (the kit adds about an inch) put my outside to outside dim at about 79"
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