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Originally Posted by mdhmi View Post
AJ - if you have to go to court over this just be completely honest and sincere.

This sounds pretty minor. $13 worth of change and a $25-50 radar detector.. Pfffpt.

The courts have bigger things to worry about.

Even if they convict you and punish you with some community service (I would be surprised if they jail you over such a minor offense) you can petition the court to have your record expunged after a period of time.

So don't feel that the rest of your life will be tarnished with a blemished record.
Thats not true, if this was a juvi thing then maybe. If the county has a calender consent thing, regardless if it was destroyed there will still be evidence of something. There won't be any specifics of it or any other detail, other than something happened on this date. And yes, other people (FBI) can see it.

Now if its an adult record, ski-r-ewed. The record exists, and is up for public viewing. Any thoughts of being in the military are shot, along with any form of government job. Translation, have fun working any number of McJobs for the rest of your life. Be thankful that it wasn't a CSC charge. Those you will have to disclose that when applying for a job.
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