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Originally Posted by a.j. hall View Post
Do you mean, like dont argue and be a asshole about it to the authoritys?

The paper says:
Count 1: Larceny From A motor Vehicle.
Count 2: Breaking & Entering Vehicle With Damage.
Count 3: Breaking & Entering Vehicle To Steal.
Property Less Thank $200.00

I don't know how I got the damage one because the doors were unlocked we didnt break anything. I don't get it.
All 3 counts are felonies...The reason why they give you all them trumped up charges like that is so when you go to court they will plea bargin with you. They will offer to drop charge 2 and 3 if you plead guilty to charge #1.

What physical evidence do they actually have against you other than tracks leading to your secret hide out (Dumb Ass) cant believe you did!

Anyway I know the law and how the courts work because I was a bad boy in my younger years.

Did you sign a confession? Did they take pictures of your shoe prints as well as pics of your tracks? Do they have finger prints inside any of the cars?

If you ever do anything stupid like this again always keep your big mouth shut...cops will tell you all kinds of shit like it will go alot easier on you if you just tell us you did it...bullshit they are not your friends, they are looking for more evidence to stick it to you! Always lawyer up! If they have no physical evidence (Photos of your foot prints, finger prints, ect ect) You can probably plea bargin this crap down to a misdemeanor (WHY DID YOU ANSWER THE DOOR WHEN THE COPS KNOCKED?)...anyway I know I am not dealing with the brightest apple on your family tree here so I am willing to bet the farm, my family, my dog and my truck your dumb ass told them everthing they wanted to hear huh? In that case you will plead not guilty and take it to trial...before you go to trial they will offer you a plea (plead guilty to charge 1 and we will drop everything else) Ask to be included in your plea the prosecuter to recommend no jail time...take that plea (DUMB ASS LOL) you will get your little patty's slapped and probation and an ass load of fines and you will never be able to own a gun because you are now an X felon!
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