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Originally Posted by a.j. hall View Post
A little while back, before Christmas. I got into some bad things and started doing some bad stuff that I would of never ever thought about doing ever. A buddy and I were going around late at night and walking up to cars to see if they were unlocked. If they were unlocked we would go through them and see if there was anything good(money mostly,spare change,etc.) It was are first time doing it and we thought we would try it because everyone else always talked about it. So we did it. We didnt really take anything. We got like 13 bucks and a cheap radar detector. I WILL admit this was deffinetly one of the stupidest things I have ever done. I do regret and have never and will never do anything like it ever again. But that night after we went to bed the police followed our tracks in the snow that lead from the cars to my friends house. We got caught. The police called us about three weeks later and said everything was going to be fine and no one had pressed any charges or anything like that, and they hope we learned are lesson. That was in the beginning of January. But yesterday I get a letter in the mail saying I have a warrant for my arrest for three counts, larceny and breaking and entering x2. I hate this. I was just starting to sign up for school today and almost had a job. I thought it was all over.

Has any of you made a big mistake like this and went through the courts??
What happend? Is it still on your record?????
Im scared to death. I dont want this shit on my record.
Anyone got any ideas of what could happen?

I broke into the concession trailer at Emerson Park in Midland in 1988. A "friend" and I were bored and looking for the safe or any cash that may have been around.

We got busted and I was placed in, and successfully completed, the "Holmes Youthful Trainee" diversion program so the charges were dropped.

Grow old and be better for having learned from your mistakes. If you don't repeat them you will be a better father, husband, and friend for the rest of your life.

What becomes of you is entirely your choice. I wish you the best.
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