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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
you probably believe that's what atheists and agnostics do, too. so misunderstood. Yup, anybody who isn't Christian is a non-moral person who does all kind of bad things because they aren't scared of going to hell. Guess what, I am a good person and i don't rape and pillage because I have morals, no thanks to religion.
Thats not what I said at all. Are you saying that you try to follow a life style that is taught by Christians, You have values, your compassionate to others you actually give a shit. If you really do why haven't I ever seen a supportive post from you acknowleging the life style that Christians teach we should live is infact they way you try to live and is the way you would like to see people try to live.
I think your a closet Christian, And I'm not so down on the pillaging I come from a long line of, pillaging Christians Cossacks.
My point was how bad would this world be if everybody lived an everyday lifestyle that is taught by Christians.
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