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Originally Posted by Dave Kerwin View Post
while I agree that easter is dusted under the rug like every other holiday, and while I agree that such a video is well done, I don't like the message that the love that will never be let go of is the love of mother to son. It seems that video wants to portray that part more than others. The point, instead, is Jesus being willingly lead to the slaugter house to die for my wrongdoing, your wrong doing. That is good friday. The point of Easter itself is the fact that Jesus did not stop at death, he layed down trump when he rose from the dead. That is the foundation of the entire faith of Christianity. Jesus conquered death, he rose to life. By faith in him, I MAY ALSO rise again to new life, IN CHRIST.
Well Dave I just don't understand how you can continually spout off about Christianity. Lets just set aside the debate of God and Jesus rising from the dead. How can you even consider something that would preach helping others, and giving of yourself. What the heck is wrong with you, don't you know that we have to be completely self absorbed with no compassion or regard for others. Can you imagine how sick of a world it would be if people lived like Christians. It would be unbearable to know you could count on others when you needed help. How sick would it be to not worry about your kids getting molested, somebody robbing you, or doing buisness without somebody screwing you.

Come on Dave take a good look at what your preaching and get your head screwed on straight. Go rob a seven eleven or rape an old lady tonight, do what your suppose to do.

Darwin would be proud act like the animal you where decended from.

Not Me!!
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