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Originally Posted by smasheromalley View Post
Sorry, cant vote for someone whose mind works this way

You have a reason based on an issue to not like this candidate. Good for you. This is what I am getting at.

Originally Posted by bearlys2005 View Post
X 1,000,000 This is right on the mark for sure... Their position is fabricated and adjusted to fit what they think the people want to hear to support and vote for them. I also think that their character and moral stance is very important and on task, unfortunately I'm not it the majority... Most people listen to the media and are lead by the nose to the candidate they want to get elected...

To a degree, I agree with you. A lot of what is said may be fabricated. But then a lot may be actual views and just becoming the president does guarantee you can act strongly on those issues the way you would like. If you could, then this would be a dictatorship not a democracy (or 2 party Republic).

Knowing what the official positions are on the issues gives the informed voter a starting point to question the candidates.

Here is a challenge, go to the site of your prefferred candidate and find one thing in his/her list of issues that you either do not agree with or do not believe he'she is really sincere about what is stated. If the latter, explain why you do not believe.
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