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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post

Sorry Pete. My first reply was on topic though!

I personally think stances don't matter much, because all they're going to do is support the people who funded them. You can't get a bunch of money for support and not owe someone back. Not to mention, they explain their stances like they will actually have the full power to make it happen, when it really won't.

If the funding went to support the stances that they have, then great. IMO, our whole government needs to be re-structured, starting with our ludicrous legal system.

I sure can not argue any of that. Special interests are not really in the average persons best interests.

But there is so much talk about the candidates stands, especially how this one has no position or that one has that position, I thought, in the interest of fair play, and hopefully some truth, having the positions on issues handy would help in the debate.

We need a good debate in this country. But the heart and emotion has to sometimes take a back seat to the mind and the truth.
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