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Default Manual Hoist-A-top

I finally got around to installing this thing over the weekend. I don't have pics yet, but overall I'm fairly disappointed.

Kit contents:
One 1 ton come-a-long
2 1/2" eye screws
The T cross assembly made of 1/8" wall 1 inch square tubing.
3 rubber cushions
3 rubber coated hooks for T assembly.

The installation instructions show the hoist being installed in a standard garage with typical 12 foot ceiling.

The first dilemma I saw from the install drawing was I didn't care for only having the 2 eye bolts. For one I didn't want the come-a-long angling out from the wall towards the ceiling because it would be in my way no matter what wall I chose.

The second dilemma was my garage studs. I have compound trusses above and thus I didn't feel comfortable with a single eye screw into a single 2x4. I replaced that with a 12 inch 1/2" eye bolt and put that thru a pair of 2x4's nailed together braced above straddling 2 trusses.

I then put the anchor point eye bolt into the wall and another on the wall near the ceiling where I'd run the cable thru to the ceiling eye. This is where dilemma 3 surfaced. The come-a-long only has like 6 feet of travel if that. So, I made an extension out of 3/16" cable to go from the hook at that point to the T-frame. Another 6-7 feet. The length had to be short enough so that the come-a-long could actually lift the top off the jeep using its full length of travel. The intent being to stow the top against the ceiling.

Dilemma 4. Stowing. Top removed I lifted it all the way to the ceiling as far as it could go. This being 8-10 inches down from the ceiling. The eye bolt int he ceiling, the pulley, the eye bolt in the T-frame, and then the distance between the T-frame and the top itself left the bottom edge of the top at roughly 5'8" off the ground. I'm 6'2". There was no way to rotate the top once off into any position to have the top sufficiently clear of the walkway or even high enough for the wife's Expedition to park underneath as pictured in the install sheet.

Dilemma 5. Upon realizing I couldn't leave it on the hoist I had to figure out how to remove it from the hoist. The problem though is fully lowed it was still 5'8" to inside top center of the top. Or about waist high to the bottom lip. You couldn't remove it from the hoist without removing the weight from the hoist and then removing the hooks. So, I rolled a tire underneath and stood on it bracing the top on my back while the wife removed the hooks. I then walked it out to my backyard.

Final thoughts, I will be constructing a nifty little "cart" to set the top down onto to remove it from the garage after its off the jeep. The hoist itself is fine and works great, but limitations of a standard garage make this a useless product for removal AND storage. The T-frame is excellent though if you have another location to mount some kind of hoist like a tree or a boom off a polebarn for instance. Or in a high ceiling barn/garage of at least 15+ feet.
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