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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post
I have this problem with right wing conservatives. An easy example is Mr Toes on this board. Some people just spout off whatever they have been taught or heard by the watercooler and claim it for their own thought, without ever really looking into it.
I'm cracking up right now.

Your the guy that sticks his foot in his mouth every time you open it with complete and utter unsupported liberal communist anti American chicken shit bullshit.

I guess I can make the presumption that you are in fact one of the liberals refered to. A guy that will vote a straight Democrat party ticket even if Hitler was the candidate. A sheep actually, one that can't think for himself but has to have some type of club, or organization tell him what he thinks. You are every dictators dream, as is true with most liberals. Spinless gutless unpatriotic bloodsuckers that will never make a single sacrifice for anybody but themselves.

You go girl !!!!!!!!!
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