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Default Annoying Liberals

Is it me, or do most liberals have their heads stuck so far up their asses that they won't even consider any of their thoughts could be wrong, and that they're somehow magically more educated than everything else. I'm very conservative in many ways, but I'm at least willing to hold a civil, intelligent discussion about issues.

A couple of assholes (politically, at least) I know become pretty high and mighty whenever political issues come up. Any point you bring up, they don't have intelligent responses to, other than veiled insults like "just more conservative brainwashing" or "you aren't very well read, are you" (having no way of knowing how much I actually have read). Then they self-congratulate themselves by gloating to each other.

I've also observed that most liberals seem to feel it's their right (or even mission) to impose their thoughts upon others, whereas conservatives tend to be more laid back and reserved and keep their damn mouths shut unless they have something worthwhile to add.

Are my observations wrong? Does this shit piss you guys off as much as it does me? Like I said, I'm all about intelligent discussion, but immediate dismissal of legitimate opinions as unintelligent without proof just seems fucking stupid.

Also, I tend to notice that these loudass liberal folk tend to be losers in their own right. One of these guys is stuck in some backwards ass 3rd world city in India, because he can't get H-1B here after schooling was completed, and the other makes very little money, and relies upon his wife for most of his income. That's even more annoying to me.

discuss as appropriate. I'm mostly just venting.
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