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  1. You know how Bush is getting razzled right now for the eavesdropping..
  2. Intelligent Design thread.
  3. Are you Christian?
  4. Granholm signs tax cuts
  5. not to bring up religion again, but I just laughed at this.
  6. Ted Nugent on CNBC anyone see it?
  7. Political test, interesting.
  8. I love Dingell
  9. Bye Bye O'conner, Hello Alito.. The best thing ever to happen to the SC.
  10. Wonder if I would go to jail for killing Cindy Sheehan?
  11. For those that say Buy US cars to save jobs
  12. a little FYI to the mainstream media and the AP:
  13. I can not believe that michigan raised the minimum wage...
  14. So Detroit voted to raise EVERYONES water rates but themselves...
  15. Isaac Hayes quits "South Park "
  16. Would you?
  17. What makes a religion and/or cult real verse fake?
  18. Laura Bush: The US is ready for a woman president.
  19. BUSH IS http://news.ft.com/cms/s/c9f57f9c-b35d-11da-89c7-0000779e2340.html RUINING US
  20. Nice to see our C**T of a governor is making all the children pussies.
  21. 911 cover up???
  22. Even though I have zero freetime as it is,
  23. Scientology
  24. Been a while for this. ~Ask deke about religion~
  25. Love him or loathe him, he nailed this one right on the head....
  26. Quick Political Poll. What party do you support?
  27. John Kerry is still retarded
  28. Bush Approval Ratings
  29. no
  30. NOT RIGHT! Deke's RELIGIoN in here?
  31. Where did the plane go!!
  32. Does CC know how to set up a public viewable poll on his own website?
  33. Kirk Cameron and his "magical banana"
  34. Henny Penny! Shit we're going to Iran!
  35. Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic?
  36. Merle Haggard Says:
  37. Opinions on Bill O'Reilly
  38. Bush relaxes EPA regulations on fuel. Makes prices drop.
  39. What about Ann Coulter?
  40. What is the bigger threat?
  41. Mod for this forum?
  42. Today's Joke
  43. Is it unpatriotic to buy foreign cars?
  44. My new favorite forum
  45. Greenpeace overestimates chernobyl deaths by 199,950 people.
  46. Help get the removal of the SBT on the ballot in november, Only takes 5 minutes
  47. Church vs Religion
  48. My Retarded Teacher at it again
  49. make someone happy (Joke)
  50. Rush Limbaugh Arrested!
  51. Anybody catch the White House Correspondants Dinner?
  52. Anybody catch Bush taking a giant shit on the National Anthem sung in Spanish?
  53. States to sue the federal government over gas prices
  54. New Republicans
  55. I will never talk good about george bush again.
  56. Thoughts on political bumper stickers?
  57. Your thoughts on reverse racism
  58. Doesn't detroit have anything else better to do with their time?
  59. Press Coverage Concerns
  60. Grandholm can lick my left one
  61. how come michigan isn't sharing in this wealth?
  62. Wow, a Court sided with big business, over some idiot employee? Amazing.
  63. Well, it's a start.
  64. so, splain this to me
  65. The people are saved
  66. DaVinci Code
  67. Gas Price Lobby
  68. Silly Democrats
  69. A Thought
  70. About damn time
  71. What do you think about the president's speech?
  72. Yeap !
  73. Delete
  74. Ronald Regan
  75. Way to go CDC! Attn:Women of GL4X4
  76. My favorite Ayn Rand quote.
  77. The Whole Illegals/amnesty thing
  78. Bush in Border Patrol Dune Buggy
  79. Jesus Christ
  80. Gov't report on gas prices released.
  81. Bad American
  82. The Bible, fiction or non fiction?
  83. Speed/ seat belt traps suck a$$
  84. Gulf Vet sues Michael Moore for 86 million!
  85. Interesting Immigrant March Stats
  86. Qur'an
  87. D-day
  88. Alert proposed for parents with failing children
  89. Difference Between Democrats & Republicans
  90. MI Gov: DeVos leads Granholm by 8% in first election poll of the year.
  91. Tax Dollars at work
  92. The next black GOP Congressman!
  93. I'm in favor of this.....
  94. Mexicans and Spanish people
  95. So, we can't torture suspected terrorists,
  96. Bush's border patrol speach
  97. Internet.. you mean AT&T’inet… right?
  98. This site is waaay too conservative for me
  99. Rush Limbaugh has "issues".
  100. I'm no Jesus freak, but I do know not to F with Israel.
  101. Should we really care about homeless adults?
  102. P.O.S. Catholic priest
  103. What about this one Jenny?
  104. Discuss
  105. Get out your wallet
  106. moleymoleymoleymoley
  107. Israel ROX!!!!!
  108. My rant for the day
  109. Bush used an explitive OMG
  110. Michigan's Helmet law Repub vs. Dems
  111. Attn. Liberals
  112. Stem Cells..
  113. will you be ready for the draft?
  114. Jehova witnesses
  115. Middle East Crisis
  116. Welfare question
  117. Granholm
  118. GW sent me an e-mail...
  119. hahahahhahahhahahhahahhahhahahhahahahah
  120. awwww, The government had to VOTE to see if we can keep guns in times of crisis.
  121. I would vote for him.
  122. lol at Steven Colbert, Maybe NSFW
  123. Bill Clinton is gay
  124. Yeah...lets all buy American...
  125. Sad news for CMUJeeper
  126. Intereting email from eBay CEO
  127. Who would you prefer as allies?
  128. So, the well inform voters of Howell Public Schools....
  129. "Stop the Surveillance Bills"
  130. Looks like the mexican fence has approval!
  131. Lets not forget
  132. Michigan Civil Rights Initiative
  133. world emergency alert map
  134. Pentagon Plans To Sell $4.6 Billion In Arms To Arab Nations
  135. V for Vendetta
  136. Livonia Members (School Board Recall)
  137. This one's for CMUJeeper
  138. Another one for CMUJeeper
  139. Good Read. College Humor's take on the conflict out east
  140. The plan
  141. Michael Bouchard... The death of the devil stabenow is near.
  142. "Morality Issues"
  143. Devos or Granholm
  144. 8th of November..............
  145. Ha ha ha!!
  146. Speak English by the Big Man
  147. NASA's tapes Lost
  148. Stereotypes / Profiling question
  149. You have another choice!
  150. School Tax
  151. Discuss: Eliminate Teacher's Unions And Tenure - Pay For Performance
  152. Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World’s Leading Oil Producer — OPEC
  153. Hillary Clinton's Indian name
  154. How can a 40 something woman be religious and a hoe at the same time?
  155. New Preamble To The Constitution
  156. Go Granholm
  157. You have GOT to be shitting me....
  158. Peaceniks attack soldier 5 on 1
  159. Live fire training on the Great Lakes
  160. F Canadians, Wheee!
  161. granholm on channel 4
  162. Amwaydickamwaydickamwaydick
  163. Mike Bouchard
  164. Heh, for CC :)
  165. Has anyone ever really read up on Darwin?
  166. so basically we're screwed in 08?
  167. New Dick Comercial
  168. Kids in lincoln park suspended for wearing 9/11 shirts and patriotic shirts.
  169. OPEC...Owned!
  170. Fury over Pope's remarks raises concerns
  171. Let The Rioting Begin...
  172. Conspiracy Theorists
  173. Delete me
  174. Silly Asians
  175. I wonder, if perhaps some DeVoss supports will change their tune after this...
  176. Aussies have the right idea...Do you agree? Discuss!!
  177. Go Bill
  178. A mosaic of soldiers who have died in Iraq...
  179. Global warming explained. By a Senator. One of the best speeches ever in congress.
  180. Jesus Camp...
  181. guess what my mom sent me.
  182. spay mama or build a rec center?
  183. Detroit gets a downtown revival plan
  184. A different viewpoint on pot
  185. The Truth
  186. What's your favorite political/anti-establishment/pro-establishment song?
  187. 06 proposals
  188. Foley Scandal : GOP blames everybody but themselves.
  189. federal judge struck down voting rule requiring proof of citizenship
  190. Man Sues Secret Service Agent Over Arrest After Approaching Cheney and Denouncing War
  191. more treasonist commentary
  192. Good music.
  193. Does being in the service change a person?
  194. How to deal with N. Korea having nukes.
  195. Vote! here's a link to YOUR ballot
  196. Best republican ad ever made.. Pass this one on to everyone you know..
  197. An Obituary, America (1776 - 2006)
  198. Why does Habeas Corpus hate America?
  199. funny
  200. Not sure if this is a repooooast
  201. The truth behind 9/11 . . .
  202. Can someone explain this ruling?
  203. Proposal 1 -- DIRECTLY affects ORV Funding
  204. North Korea at night
  205. Air America rocks.
  206. and they taketh away! :(
  207. The GOP sees the Evangelical Christians as the Wack Jobs that they are!
  208. Who do you think will win?
  209. Doh!
  210. North Korea....
  211. The big talking head is apparently an expert on abortions!
  212. Coultergeist Walks Off Set
  213. Barnes falsely claimed Pelosi "is the most unpopular national politician in America"
  215. This should make CC happy
  216. So let me get this straight...Jamiesann, Ford Flareside, etc..
  217. Senate Bill 0509 (2003) Public Act 165 of 2003 (Effective: 10/1/2003)
  218. She aint Moley, She aint Tricky Amway Dicky and she aint from MI
  219. Are you fiscally conservative and socially liberal?
  220. Fear Mongering.
  221. Thank you Granholm!!
  222. Democrats, MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!! Polls open at 9am! Wednesday November 8th.
  223. So CNN just reported....
  224. Bush signs bill approving mexican fence.
  225. quote about the first Gulf War
  226. Holy Moley
  227. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I voted last night!
  228. quotes about the CURRENT gulf war
  229. Hmmmm... interesting
  230. Let's Talk about Jesus.
  231. Would you hire him?
  232. Single Business Tax
  233. Find out where the canidates stand !!!
  234. Less than a week till Bouchard kicks Debbies ass
  235. The great abortion debate.
  236. I'm printing this to take to the polls!
  237. Is it just me, or does Dick Devos kinda.....
  238. sova and mike L get bitten in ass by their beloved democrat ads
  239. Vote
  240. Did Ya Vote????
  241. Doves - Prop 3 vote yes
  242. Help me be an informed voter
  243. web site for close elections
  244. Muddypaws new Avatar
  245. proposals ???
  246. Yay!
  247. Bye Bye, Rummy..
  248. Republican loses to dead woman
  249. what do you not like about church/going to church?
  250. Election results?