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  1. Hollywood coming to Michigan
  2. Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair 2001
  3. Who's Attending a Tea Party Tomorrow?
  4. Every time Obama gives a speech
  5. Texas attempts to free itself from the obama administration!
  6. Obama kicks all other presidents' asses.
  7. Obama to tea-baggers: I've already cut taxes
  8. Creating Jobs
  9. El Plan Obama
  10. yay...Obama stimulates Michigan's economy
  11. Kill them all
  12. Pirate Obama
  13. CNN Sucks
  14. Hummer being sold
  15. MochaJesus afraid of Jesus
  16. Obama Unveils Plan to Fund High-Speed Passenger Rail
  17. This is all i got to say about Detroit
  18. Liberal Media Leaving Out Import Facts
  19. Veterans
  20. A fish fry with Jesus
  21. What do you think your Dollar is worth?
  22. Barrack Butsecks
  23. Finally.. the truth about global warming is getting publicity
  24. Back in 2001
  25. Did you know, her name is Miss Ann?
  26. obama please release my son
  27. Everybody's gonna have to do their part
  28. Supreme court rules on police searches of vehicles. Search warrant is now needed
  29. harsh interrogation techniques
  30. What the Left should take from the Tax Day Tea Parties
  31. HR 45 - Firearm licensing/record/sales act - anyone heard of this??
  32. OMG!!! Unreal
  33. Give President Obama a grade
  34. letting criminals off the hook in Cali
  35. test
  36. an article in the St. Petersburg, FL, Times Newspaper on Sunday
  37. Obama sucks ass
  38. It's here!!! MC ART
  39. Well I hope they atleast got some Good PHOTOS!
  40. No posts on Arlen Specter?
  41. What A Shocker
  42. The Government, UAW taking over GM.......scares me
  43. 100 Days 100 Mistakes
  44. Here comes gun control
  45. Thanks Obama - GDP plunges at a 6.1% pace
  46. Hate crimes bill passed
  47. Obama's got bacon!!!
  48. Is Hate Crime the "new" racism?
  49. I went to Waldenbooks today...
  50. stabenow message
  51. Out Lesbian for Supreme Court Justice?
  52. Physical punishment coming back in schools?
  53. what we need is a new party
  54. Montana challenges fed with new gun law
  55. Obama Auto's
  56. Obama Humor
  57. Leader of the free world
  58. Obama
  59. GM restructuring sends more jobs overseas
  60. interesting website - natl institute of corrections
  61. Have You Heard About HR 45? Gun Owner Registration Bill
  62. government borrowing 46 cents for every dollar it spends
  63. Not this Voter IQ BS again...
  64. Another reason we could use a revolution.
  65. Where's the corporate greed crowd now?
  66. Stopping aids in Detroit
  67. How to fix the economy?
  68. Increase vehicle fees to create more jobs??
  69. Granholm's slick move!!
  70. Granholm - Possible Obama nomination for supreme court?
  71. The missing link has been revealed today! The link from us to the animal kingdom
  72. Obama Is Signing A Bill Today That Will Take Our Guns
  73. President's Tax Cut in perspective
  74. The Auto Industry: A look at what people in other states think...
  75. north korea set them up the bomb.
  76. Would you...
  77. Obama picks Sonia Sotomayor for supreme court nominee
  78. Memorial Day (don't forget)
  79. OH Canada I love you so.
  80. Greg Morton Sings Teh Funnay
  81. Is obama and his group of dim wits racist?
  82. Young Con Anthem
  83. A Russian view of todays America. NSFW
  84. PRO Obama?
  85. Michael Moore's interesting take on letting GM die.
  86. Larry Winget's view
  87. Larry Winget...about the octomom...LOL!
  88. what do you think about obamas speech in egypt?
  89. angry mob beats suspect - no charges filed.
  90. You might be a Taliban, if......
  91. If god texted the ten commandments
  92. Australian view on torture
  93. global warming B.S. takes another hit
  94. Who cares if he does not eat
  95. Obama change $0.35
  96. H.R. 1388 passed yesterday
  97. obamas a theif!!!
  98. Obama eyes tighter controls on banks, Wall Street
  99. Wonder...
  100. Jesus loves the little children....
  101. 'Cash for clunkers' bill would restrict sale of replacement parts
  102. War in Iran & Korea, Obama Gets Tuff
  103. obama slams fox
  104. Michelle obama and her "jesus plants" that grow super super fast
  105. Obama takes out pestering fly
  106. Sometimes I get bored...
  107. I need your help. Tell the State no more money from the Education Budget!
  108. You all ready to sign up for the draft?
  109. Prayer booth at Warren City Hall
  110. Obama, our superhero
  111. North Korea
  112. N. Korea plans to "wipe the US off the face of the earth"
  113. Homosexual Exorcism. NSFW Flexin/scottie
  114. Thanks Obama.
  115. Call today: No on Cap-and-trade
  116. Climate Change Tax
  117. Hr 2454
  118. Ammo availability gets worse
  119. Aunt Moley wants Californias criminals ?!?
  120. Everything is Obama's fault
  121. Clean water act... edit, one small phrase, huge federal power grab
  122. The fillibuster is out
  123. More signs of our Gov't Failure...in Honduras
  124. Hahaha...Granholm blown away....egh..blowing away
  125. Palin to resign as Alaska Gov
  126. Right To Repair Act
  127. GM to be Sold
  128. move to repeal 22nd amendment, remove presidential term limits
  129. 300k more jobs in Michigan may be lost before the end of the year
  130. Monica Conyers: 0 Scott Lewis: 1
  131. ACORN petition
  132. This might be the best graph I've ever seen in my life
  133. The best graph I've ever seen in my life (better one then yesterday)
  134. Nancy P finally did somethig right
  135. another shining moment for detroit
  136. this is a wake up
  137. Pool denies turning away minority kids AKA Black kids
  138. U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About 'Global Governance'
  139. Gov't Redesign to Cost Taxpayers at Least $9.5 Million
  140. Kim Jong has cancer
  141. Atheist Stand Up in Church
  142. For Hombre and Marine Mike
  143. A good read
  144. Government Health Care
  145. Who would you rather have for your president?
  146. FYI, Feel free to break into houses without being prosecuted
  147. You Think??
  148. Glenn Beck
  149. Anti-Obama GI's Afghan Orders Revoked
  150. The Ten Commandments According To Obama, Liberals all believe these to be True
  151. The best 2 pound ham in the world, just for obama.
  152. have you ever thought??
  153. This Czar is scary!!! Thanks Obama
  154. Barney Frank mad at Obama
  155. Black scholar arrested
  156. NPR tries to set stage to justify foreign born President
  157. Hey There Obama (Drink the Kool Aid)
  158. what do you think of this?
  159. Racial Preferences in the Democrats' Health Care Bill
  160. Have you seen this???
  161. U know your country?
  162. Obama Grudge Against Cambridge Police
  163. Biden Is a idiot
  164. Small business tax
  165. This sounds like a book worth reading
  166. News Flash: Southerners ruining GOP
  167. in case you haven't heard...
  168. in case you haven't heard
  169. Obama's stimulus is working!
  170. Newt Gingrich Healthcare Reform today
  171. Pelosi whines about insurance companies
  172. Hey Libs, Comedy Central 2 minutes.
  173. Obama watching out for Michigan
  174. G-Mole massive Fail
  175. Here goes your taxes
  176. Toll Roads in MI? wtf?
  177. Obama's birth certificate?? Lawyers have a copy of the one from Kenya
  178. McCain is doing something right
  179. Evidence: Obama not born in U.S.
  180. Obama = baa
  181. SIN Tax
  182. Cash for clunkers = Obama has access to your complete computer
  183. North Korea & former President Clinton
  184. Cash for clunkers
  185. Political Cartoons Thread
  186. I sure wish he was here today. He knew this would happen, 50 years ago.
  187. The US Cannot Afford to Retreat to Protectionism
  188. C4C cars purchased
  189. gov health care is so wrong
  190. Facts Are Stubborn Things: Turn in your friends at flag@whitehouse.gov
  191. New plan for dealing with National debt
  192. House Health Reform Bill Cliff Notes - Now With Senate Link Too
  193. Term Limit Poll
  194. Ordering a pizza in 2012
  195. Just to let you all know.
  196. Duffman's Plan To Reform Healthcare, Part 1
  197. more political BS
  198. Arab festival 2009, must see!
  199. Government healtcare supporters
  200. Johnstown Cambria County Airport
  201. Right Wing Screamers at Town Hall Meetings vs. Andrew Meyers
  202. health care question??
  203. Man Regains Sight. Ophthalmologists confused.
  204. Debbie The bitch Stabenow CAN FEEL GLOBAL WARMING WHEN SHE'S FLYING!
  205. Staff memo
  206. Awesome image. NSF petec or brewmann
  207. National Government Day
  208. "Pulling the plug on Granny"
  209. Palin and "Death Panels" - Hypocritical
  210. Drill hear, Drill now? WTFH?
  211. The leading business for africans?
  212. Pelossi upset with the town hall protestors because it "doesn't accomplish anything"
  213. New Capitol One credit card.
  214. Obama Misread His Mandate
  215. Thoughts on the civilization
  216. Christian Values in America.
  217. man with rifle scares pussies
  218. 545 vs 300,000,000
  219. White House ignores health concession
  220. Australia PM kicks ass!
  221. Democrat Barney Frank:1 Crazy Nazi Bitch:0
  222. Quick yahoo poll
  223. Veterans Fight to Keep 75-yr. old Mojave Desert Memorial cross
  224. GM and government "choices" i've noticed.
  225. Obama camp plants fake doc
  226. Eternal Earth Bound pets USA. Awesome business idea.
  227. Interesting
  228. The Difference?
  229. It's getting boring around here......
  230. US Marine VS Town Hall Meeting
  231. Livonia residents, PLEASE vote this guy in so
  232. Van Jones
  233. Ted kennedy died.
  234. What is an asshole?
  235. Obama resigns in shame
  236. U.S. to ban lead wheel weights
  237. The Case for Postal Service Style Healthcare
  238. Healthcare Reform - What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?
  239. Future of State Forest Campgrounds = divestiture
  240. city of detroit
  241. Jobs outlook for Michigan improving?
  242. Mason, Oceana, Muskegon and Newaygo Counties
  243. breathalyzers whats your take?
  244. Why does the government hate the USA?
  245. I'd buy a truck from this guy in a heartbeat.
  246. Obama to go on vacation.........AGAIN!!!!
  247. President G W Bush is responsible for planning 9/11!!
  248. Muslim Ramadan or National Day of Prayer
  249. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  250. Indoctrinate our kids?