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  1. Obama, the aftermath. Video on what his supporters are doing now.
  2. What does JFK and Obama have in common?
  3. Stem Cell Research Progress..........in Japan
  4. Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job
  5. War Facts
  6. 10% drop since Obama was elected
  7. Kenya applies to become a state of USA
  8. So let's blame everything on Sarah.......
  9. look at all the reasons ....
  10. as if we didn't have enough problems with these assholes..
  11. Now she's gonna help mess up VA.
  12. Great, the racial crap is already starting
  13. President George W. Bush
  14. Politics Explained
  15. I'm dumbfounded ......
  16. Obama Educational Reform
  17. Uhhh
  18. Hummm no WMD's in the sandbox
  19. Ooops! Too late
  20. Anybody remember this ..its a classic
  21. OBAMA plan put to work $$$$$$$$$$$
  22. harlem election night
  23. here is the future NSFW
  24. Obama starts for our guns.........
  25. How did you pay for college
  26. Barakmoud broke his promise
  27. Generated crisis Jan. 21st or 22nd
  28. What a great decision maker
  29. with neo-conservatism on the wane...
  30. Keith O's special comment on Prop 8
  31. To save the auto industry, or not to save the auto industry...
  32. International Con Man Barack Obama
  33. Social Security Version #2???
  34. To all non-believers of the Lord Jesus Christ
  35. Fyi
  36. Why not to bail out the autos
  37. Detroit asks fed's for $10,000,000,000.00 bailout package
  38. Why GM must go bankrupt
  39. proof that Obama is the Anti-christ
  40. Say no to the auto bailout...
  41. G-Dubya makes one speech and wall st goes nuts!!
  42. Good Editorial
  43. Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton????
  44. White Guilt Dead?
  45. End of the Dollar as world's favored currency?
  46. couldn't help myself...
  47. Good job President Bush
  48. To all the non-believers of Buddha and Esoteric Buddhism
  49. To all the non-believers of Krishna and Hinduism
  50. Has obama taken away your guns yet???
  51. Detroit Bailout? You decide ...
  52. OEM Bailout = nationalized supply base
  53. I rarely post forwards...
  54. Bishop:"Churches are going out of business because people are becoming more educated"
  55. Catholic Priest gets hardKore with Obama supporters
  56. 6 myths about the big 3
  57. Obama sheep: How is your change working for you
  58. how would you vote?
  59. Potential problem with the new presidency
  61. Prolly gonna burn for this but.................
  62. Al Qaeda just started the gang war
  63. It's not your money.
  64. It's wednesday, you know what that means...
  65. To Piss you off...Like me!
  66. To Piss you off...Like me! take 2
  67. Fail
  68. Looks like were back on top
  69. "Fuck white people, Black people aint got to do shit because Obama got elected"!
  70. $12 MORE a month for roads?!?!
  71. Shocking, breaking news... :rolleyes:
  72. Digging holes
  73. election not over
  74. bailout agreement
  75. irrational beliefs strike again...
  76. challanged ballots
  77. New preamble to the constitution
  78. McCotter tells it how it is
  79. Can you feel the change?
  80. What do you think about the Turkey Incident?
  81. Question for the automotive people.......
  82. 7.7 Trillion Dollars...
  83. Contacting Reps and Senators - Please Urge support for the Bridge Loans
  84. Dumb Alabama Rednecks...
  85. Happy (early) turkey day!!!
  86. new air force one
  87. Man-News-Mailer, subscribe if interested
  88. How Obama got elected. 9 minute video on the effect of the media.
  89. Obama scraps his plan to tax oil companies. hahaha, silly sheep
  90. Hahaha prop 8 Musical.
  91. live auto hearings in DC
  92. Lame Duck Bush's attack on the environment
  93. Is my thinking way off on the big 3?
  94. Pete Karmanos Blasts Congress, Especially R-AL. Shelby
  95. 3 shoulda said....
  96. Bailout is not looking good for the big three.
  97. Hillary in debt
  98. Thaddious McCotter (I like him)
  99. anyone know where i can find a transcript on the auto Hearings
  100. Idiots, no?
  101. government wants chrysler to merge with gm?
  102. yeah, the democrats are in power
  103. Would MLK have voted for Obama?
  104. Mark you calendars!!!
  105. Holy Shit, they are cutting welfare
  106. Boycott Alabama!!
  107. coming this january
  108. irrational belief strikes again
  109. John Stewart's take on the D-IL weed...
  110. ‘‘Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act’’.
  111. Fantastic.
  112. Bailout Failure - Republicans at Fault?
  113. New Car!
  114. Here we go...
  115. Off continant take on the auto bail out
  116. UAW vs. Non -union wages.
  117. See below...
  118. Does the Bush Administration REALLY Have Americans Best Interests in Mind?
  119. How to get out of and stay out of debt.
  120. Is Obama the next FDR?
  121. Prophet tells followers obama will not be the next president.
  122. Robocop Out
  123. Oh Hai, more interesting statistics.
  124. And now it's a game? NO WAY! seriously read
  125. in God we trust poll
  126. any missing taxes?
  127. caroline kennedy!
  128. Glenn Beck.. The Christmas Sweater
  129. sharpton, kennedy, clinton dine
  130. your reaction ?
  131. Government cover up? say it ain't so!
  132. Anybody read "Good to be King"?
  133. Guess Who Got Beat Down in the Streets?
  134. obama in hawaii
  135. Voluntary Taxes?
  136. The Christmas Story (read tomorrow with family if so inclined)
  137. A Closing Thought On Auto Bailouts (Round 1 )
  138. Terms on our loan to GM.
  139. Jesus was born in June
  140. Wwiii?
  141. The Paranoids are at it again...
  142. As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
  143. Chrysler getting thrown to the dogs for Thanking America?
  144. The liberal idiots are at it again...
  145. steveo's world
  146. MrToes has Agoodbuzz????
  147. Obama Economic Plan
  148. News bias w/graphic video.
  149. How will we pay for this? 600,000 new employees from obama
  150. What was obama doing 7 years ago you ask?
  151. Obama Good for Small Business?
  152. Anyone catch this?
  153. Harry Reid says I don't have to pay my taxes
  154. I hope he does run
  155. MI Unemployment
  156. Roadhouse
  157. Hombre, was this guy in the right?? Psycho Cop thread
  158. 'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years
  159. Chicago........... who runs it ?
  160. uhh oh, can it be true???? Obama is "scaling back his campaign promises"??
  161. Many believed this day would never come.
  162. Joe the War Correspondent??
  163. H.R. 45 Firearm Licensing Bill in House: HR 45
  164. Hamas was right
  165. 9-11 suspect tortured
  166. Bed time story
  167. Bed time story II
  168. tax poem
  169. farewell bush...
  170. New measures propsed during MochaJesus's inauguration...
  171. Dave Kerwin gets owned
  172. Obama supporters
  173. Sarah Palin takes on the liberal media
  174. Finally, someone to blame....
  175. Amy Obamatrons?
  176. Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean will be freed
  177. drinking with bob
  178. White will embrace..
  179. obama inauguration
  180. ted kennedy died?
  181. Things Still...
  182. WTF am I missing??
  183. Is it time yet...
  184. It has already started.
  185. finally watched Left Behind...
  186. MochaJesus - 'You Feel God is Speaking to You,' Inaugural Attendee Says...
  187. Remember just apologize and all will be well
  188. Michigan's December Jobless Rate Increases
  189. This place sucks... lets do something fun.
  190. Obama's First Day
  191. Where my check?
  192. Zomgggggggggggg!
  193. Interesting inauguration number that you won't hear on cnn.
  194. fuckin up already
  195. Unemployment...
  196. Now Beanie Babies are gettin in on the action...
  197. Dear Obama bashers,
  198. What An Example
  199. doing the oath over
  200. O'Reilly Factor On Hate Filled Anti Bush Rant From Jay Z At Inaugural Ball
  201. Excellent Article On Obama Presidency
  202. new president
  203. Nation Of Islam Leader Visits Kilpatrick In Jail
  204. Hooray im paying to kill
  205. Oblabla and the market
  206. he does not want stimulus generated jobs to go to "white male construction workers"
  207. Cowardly? Holy crap I think that's the first time I've seen that in the news.
  208. Bruche of the month.
  209. Sad story that was misleading
  210. This would be funny..
  211. His first Tv Interview Way to go you asshat
  212. Pres. Obama Considers Regulating CO2
  213. 1099g
  214. CC's Hero: Glen Beck...
  215. This proves that it is time
  216. Is yall's Boy in more trouble HAHA
  217. obama approval rating
  218. Can you imagine if Bush did this??
  219. ROFLMAO at this article
  220. Carl Levin and abortion...
  221. =diversity=
  222. and the cocoa terrorist strikes his blow
  223. unions
  224. IBEW Local 58 makes me lol.
  225. More free money for homebuyers!
  226. Stimulus Car Crushing Program
  227. responsible stimulus
  228. Politicians forcing their personal beliefs on the rest of the country
  229. If you can't beat 'em join 'em?
  230. bail out money being used for non american jobs
  231. I spoke to god today.
  232. Religulous.
  233. Uncle Jay
  234. Sheriff refuses to act
  235. Carl Levin and penis...
  236. Armed Forces Guys...
  237. Stimulus Check Explanation
  238. Dear President Obama
  239. Break down of "American Economic Recovery and Stabilization Act"
  240. Does Anyone In Barry's Cabinet Pay Taxes?
  241. Barack Obama Hates White People
  242. Granholm "state of the state"
  243. if this isnt the truth
  244. I've had it.....I'm starting my own country
  245. Lolz
  246. Pelosi thinks we are going to lose 500 million jobs
  247. Military, Ex military and Patriots look at this
  248. Pretty Good Speech from S.C. Senator
  249. Do as I say Not as I do
  250. Comrad Update