: Politics, Government, or Religion Chat

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  1. How do you feel about this Freddie, Fannie thing...
  2. Did Anyone Watch Palin on 20/20 Last Night?
  3. Obama camp urinates on Disabled War Veterns.
  4. Why do we have to back Israel, no matter what?
  5. I think I just figured it out...
  6. Its called a bicycle, not free gas
  7. Just some food for thought
  8. The Barber Shop
  9. This is sure to piss people off...
  10. Funny shirt
  11. The Federal reserver
  12. what am I missing?
  13. Farewell Big Scheme Man!
  14. These are the people we need running our cities!!
  15. How do you feel about this AIG thing??
  16. Christian Jeep Clubs??
  17. Government Bank Bailout?
  18. Idgaf
  19. More Terrible Wall Street News
  20. First black president?
  21. Send a letter to you congressman to NOT support the bailout
  22. Jay Leno on bailout
  23. Joe Biden, True To Form...
  24. Kudo's to the dem's. Allow offshore drilling.
  25. profit.
  26. Bernanke and Paulson set for today to scare american public
  27. FBI investigates bailout companies for fraud
  28. Will you support Michigan's Proposal 1?
  29. McCain suspends his campaign. Will Obama follow suit?
  30. Chinese paper does article before event happens.
  31. Has anyone got this E mail yet ?
  32. creationworldview.org
  33. Palin is an idiot
  34. Washington Mutual seized by the feds..
  35. What in the world happened?????
  36. Scientific Dating
  37. Debate.........
  38. who's motorcage
  39. I masterbated to Sarah Palin (nsfw)
  40. whats the diff?
  41. Dow would lose 4000 points this week if bailout fails.
  42. What the hell is this? Public officials working for obama's truth squad?
  43. Well this decides it!!!
  44. Is it time to take Grandma's advice???
  45. looking to find a nobama yard sign
  46. Bailout
  47. Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer
  48. Forest fires, bailouts and rebirth
  49. Obama's "Change" Campaign
  50. Register to vote
  51. Republican Principles
  52. Cause of Economic Crisis Video
  53. the us auto industry.
  54. OMG He's here
  55. obama video needed
  56. Mccain or Obama?
  57. nobody seems to want to talk about this
  58. lol @ the green party.
  59. VP debate talk.
  60. McCain giving Michigan to Obama
  61. Why do newstations ask celebs about politics.
  62. Bailout Question...
  63. Listen to the congress BS
  64. anyone remember Global Poverty Act (S. 2433)
  65. Those that would DO Palin....
  66. Radical Obama on FOX news
  67. Bailout passes, DOW crashes 400 points today
  68. I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message.
  69. Obama Youth
  70. The financial crisis has hit Japan.
  71. Campaign Ads Getting On My Nerves...
  72. the media
  73. Healthcare
  74. Snipers Considered To Control Deer Population
  75. 100% out of the market at 9:31am.
  76. US Supreme Court
  77. Have you ben polled?
  78. New Presidential Candidate?
  79. The sky is falling.
  80. Why Even Vote At All !!!!!
  81. Your thoughts on health care in the U.S.
  82. Patriotic Teacher ...America need more like her
  83. Sarah "Kwame" Palin
  84. Am I the only one......
  85. Red America
  86. Drug testing.
  87. Obama speech today
  88. Best Commercial Of The Campaign
  89. McCain/Palin Tradition.. Yes, by HWJ.
  90. Dumbocrats are at it again, register Mickey Mouse to vote
  91. Ib
  92. McCain, in KKK robe, chasing Obama
  93. Statewide proposals?
  94. Pretty scary how "the speech" of 64' could have been made today.
  95. Great email I received :BUSH'S RESIGNATION SPEECH
  96. Debate is on in 29 minutes..
  97. Debates: This AP writer sees the future
  98. Why shouldn't we pay taxes on health care?
  99. how many letters in the word jobs?
  100. gunbanobama
  101. Do you support a national id card?
  102. Joe the Plumber and taxes
  103. National Health Care is needed
  104. Newest gallup poll: Obama 49% McCain 47% margin of error - 5%
  105. Barack the magic negro song
  106. Palin as President
  107. Obama roasts McCain, McCain roasts Obama - Alfred E Smith Dinner.
  108. Joe Biden = Dan Quayle?
  109. Todd Palin speaks on Second Amendment
  110. Obama supporters = Unamerican?
  111. October Surprise still coming?
  112. You should have to pass a test to vote.
  113. liberal or conservative
  114. colon powell
  115. Biden remarks = pretty scary
  116. Change, chicago Style
  117. Obama legal citizen?
  118. Does this mean that McCain lost the Arab vote?
  119. Calling all Christian apologists! help me on this one...
  120. If you could make X# of laws/bills
  121. Michigan Prop 2
  122. intrade line is looking good if you're betting on McCain
  123. Is anyone else getting pissed?
  124. anybody else get an ad from Diane Marie Hathaway?
  125. Palin a "Fresh Face" for Washington? I Dont Think So.
  126. The Barney Frank Show
  127. Just a refresher
  128. Why its the goverments fault for auto companys troubles
  129. McCain - Obama even in latest AP Poll
  130. Have you been hearing about the polls online?
  131. Palin Is An Intellectual
  132. Palin in 2012?
  133. Why not Independent?
  134. Why not Obama?
  135. Why Not McCain?
  136. Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?
  137. Girl with McCain sticker on bumper is mugged, and has "B" carved in her face.
  138. Does age play a role in political slant?
  139. Teachers / School Admin Rant
  140. Great Show/Podcast for Free Thinkers/Skeptics
  141. Is McCain Senile?
  142. Best thing about this election
  143. eeek, US stock market was just halted.
  144. NCC just got bought by PNC
  145. Trick Or Treat
  146. The eagle has been replaced
  147. Is there a coorelation between Obama & Dow Jones?
  148. Wassuuuppppp - 8 years later
  149. Opie for Obama?
  150. F it...
  151. Why Not Nader?
  152. More great quotes from the new messiah.
  153. Redistribution of Wealth Interview
  154. Hell House?
  155. It has begun
  156. Palin pals around with criminals
  157. Fed's stop obama assassination plot
  158. What's Obama hiding
  159. From the Illinois State Rifle Association
  160. U.S. consumer confidence plunges to record low
  161. Obama says "take the day off" to vote.
  162. Is now the time to buy into the stock market?
  163. Would MLK vote for Obama?
  164. funny vid
  165. Tax Differences between the Obama and McCain
  166. What do you think of this picture?
  167. Keep The Change
  168. Who was the only President since 1960 to have a budget surplus?
  169. hahahahaha. New "polling" articles crack me up.
  170. The USSA *Obama Supporters, WAKE UP!*
  171. Biden/Obama changes lowers the ceiling of the american dream tax.
  172. To those who say that Obama is anti-American...
  173. Who was the only President since 1960 to cheat on his wife and lie under oath?
  174. Obama changes pledge!!!
  175. anyone else watching opie right now?
  176. Barstool economics
  177. Don't forget to vote on Big Wednesday, Nov 5th!!!
  178. Vote for Obama.........He's black
  179. Obama and guns
  180. Bart Stu(pid)pak
  181. Some Comparisons Between Candidates
  182. Obama supports ban on CPL
  183. If All the Democrats left the U.S.
  184. MY God! I hope every one is listening, before it is to late.
  185. McCain moves ahead in Zogby poll yesterday..
  186. Obama's Aunt living illegally in the US.
  187. ACORN lobbies to extend hours
  188. McCain is scheduled to appear on SNL tonight
  189. civilian national security force
  190. Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry
  191. This is a reason we need reasonable gun laws
  192. obama rally set for tomorrow evening
  193. Proposal 2 in Michigan. Anybody have a view on this?
  194. November 4- Beginning or the end
  195. This is a reason we need guns
  196. Obama to Bankrupt Coal
  197. WTF Obama wants to ration gas?
  198. Barack Obama's grandmother dies
  199. Could McCain pull it out?
  200. bereavement ! ! !
  201. gets me some gas and free lodgin!
  202. What about Proposal #1???
  203. Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!
  204. How Long Will Obama last?
  205. Good Message To Those Whom Are Blind
  206. The US Wall
  207. Help em' or let em' rot
  208. Debate video on home page. lol
  209. Dixville Notch has spoken: It's Obama in a landslide
  210. Is anyone writing in Jesus for President?
  211. Obama's family slaughters a goat with big balls for victory dinner
  212. Bob Hope calls democrats zombies
  213. Black Panthers At Polling Place
  214. The White Flag Starts Coming Out
  215. Tax plan
  216. Exit polls / news channels calling states chat..
  217. pretty good pic...
  218. america. F**k Yeah
  219. Obama Or Mccain ?
  220. http://www.nationalreview.com/
  221. That was fun fellas
  222. its over
  223. how to get politicians promises?
  224. obama wins
  225. Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress
  226. OH sh1t are we under Martial law now that obama got elected
  227. Getting Popped . . .
  228. Cheer up conservatives...
  229. Propositions
  230. Obama's Speech - It's a good one!
  231. Reactions to Obama's Victory
  232. reparations
  233. Prop 1 pass's
  234. Somebody needs to tell Hamas to hold off for a while.
  235. Awesome - my taxes will soon increase by...
  236. Tithing question?
  237. obama is half white
  238. Prop 2 ??? Mich.gov shows it didnt pass??
  239. R.i.p
  240. Russia responds to Obamas election
  241. How will Obama "bling bling" his presidential rides
  242. Ralph Nader calls Obama Uncle Tom
  243. Obama picks new....
  244. Dow reacts to Obama's victory
  245. Weird thing happened at the bank today.
  246. It's already started!
  247. Kwanzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  248. My son - Obama
  249. legal pot
  250. beautiful speech. obama!!!