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  1. What's the most important thing?
  2. Immigration Double Standard
  3. caption Obama
  4. Mikesova gets his day proclaimed
  5. Man-Love for Lee Iacocca
  6. Debate tonight
  7. Crazy Religion....Video
  8. Excerpts from Lee Iacocca's new book
  9. It's really hard to not bust out laughing nowadays...
  10. interesting porn debate
  11. Blueprint for change
  12. Why does Hilary Clinton hate America?
  13. Short Course in Brain Surgery
  14. god speaks to you?
  15. Legislation Introduced to Abolish Road Commissions
  16. Obese Inmate Sues Jail Because He's Lost 100 Pounds
  17. Suspending the Federal Gas Tax?????
  18. Have you ever heard of the Jewish ritual of...
  19. Black, or White, or...........?
  20. Health Care, Hillary - Osama Obama - McCain
  21. 700 Club whackos. Pat and Falwell crack me up.
  22. From the mouth of a Reagan staffer Republican
  23. this is bad the mounds may close
  24. No Blood for Oil? Point - Counterpoint...
  25. Archive of the 9/11 attacks and all the tv channels.
  26. interesting Healthcare statistics
  27. Man arrested & fined for "dealing raw milk"
  28. 55 mph
  29. Anonymous Good or Bad ?
  30. Pagan Religion?
  31. tomb of Jesus?!
  32. 20 reasons to abandon christianity (Dave and L4CX may want to stay out)
  33. New update on poor finance story
  34. Best offer to date...
  35. I wonder how this will play out?
  36. barack hussein obama is a closet homosexual
  37. Why do people who support Obama...
  38. Burma
  39. Anyone Catch John Edwards endoresment for Obama last night?
  40. Gay Marriage..Ure thought
  41. New trailer is out
  42. Has anyone ever considered
  43. Man Church
  44. your concept of Jesus?
  45. big flabby mouthed, woman killer, ted kennedy has a stroke - flown to hospital.
  46. HELP!! Mikesova come to Satan!!
  47. How does this statement by Obama sit with you?
  48. New State Laws
  49. Dave Kerwin, please explain this to me.
  50. Obama's Fiscal Agenda Now Tops $300 Billion, Almost 36 Percent Higher than Clinton's,
  51. Mark my words.. Hillary will win Dem nomination
  52. Global warming causes hurricanes... oh wait... never mind.
  53. No God's No Guilt
  54. Do you have a problem with the Webb-Hagel 21st Century GI Bill?
  55. faking the rapture
  56. I think that this would make a great episode of South park
  57. how did flabby mouthed ted kennedy's liver outlive his brain?
  58. Hillary Won KY
  59. Interesting poll about death & faith...
  60. Help!!! Mikesova come to the Dairy Queen.
  61. Pick McCain's VP
  62. The election make simple
  63. How many zeros in a billion?
  64. Tsa
  65. Why do american territories get to vote?
  66. Pat Tillman
  67. Obama
  68. Forgive them for they know not what they do...
  69. China to drill off the coast of Florida...
  70. Do you support OBAMA or McCain? Why?
  71. Dan Carlin
  72. Help!MIkesova come to Santa Claus!!!!1
  73. The McCain, Obama, Clinton, abortion, christian, gun control thread...
  74. Darwin for Conservatives...
  75. If Hillary is VP candidate, would it sway your vote?
  76. Bob Bar?
  77. Lies.
  78. Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.
  79. CBS news cracks me up.
  80. Chuck Norris editorial on oil prices.
  81. A Good Read
  82. Mr. Toes?! What Happened?
  84. Dumb@ss priest
  85. Gas prices around the world
  86. The other 3rd party
  87. Supreme Court grants constitutional rights to foreigners
  88. I am so smart - S-M-R-T
  89. WWJ interviews granholm about obama, and she says
  90. The "name one good thing Bush has done for the Country" thread.
  91. Bush looks offshore for remedy to high oil prices
  92. the truth about bush.
  93. the truth about bush.
  94. A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama...
  95. the truth about bush.
  96. Everything seemingly is spinning out of control
  97. have you ever smoked pot.
  98. Carl Levin?
  99. This is worth watching
  100. Obama will DISARM AMERICA!!! WTF!!!
  101. Dave Kerwin...
  102. worth the read if you believe.....
  103. Supreme Court rules against capital punishment for child rape
  104. Calli . . . I mean seriously!!
  105. District of Columbia v. Heller
  106. So, help me understand this.. Old man goes online, finds 13 year old boy,
  107. enron loop hole
  108. bush = pure evil
  109. McCain Flip-Flops
  110. negative obama endorsement
  111. Most Awsomely Bad moments of the Bush Administration!
  112. What Issue is Important to you? Govt Spending? Liberties? Border Security? Natl Def?
  113. Al Gore's house...
  114. Limbaugh signs $400,000,000.00 deal.
  115. The Great Awakening
  116. Vote Republican!
  117. Yes this pisses me off
  118. Happy Independence Holiday
  119. calling all MI elephants and donkeys
  120. Trust Jesus...
  121. Tellico - More news from the underground
  122. Your thoughts on Europe?
  123. Bicycled to work this week
  124. Tablet Found in Israel
  125. this left me a little unsettled
  126. this left me a little unsettled
  127. Big bang?
  128. The dangers of straight party voting...
  129. Will you vote third party?
  130. If Iraqis want U.S. troops to leave, what will McCain say?
  131. So whos voting for him?
  132. Phil Donahue interviews Ayn Rand. Cool video.
  133. Jackson vs Obama's balls
  134. A place for the truth
  135. When will it end?
  136. What is the penalty for being in contempt of the SCOTUS?
  137. When will Pickens announce?
  138. The New Yorker cover with Obama
  139. Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
  140. Thought for the day
  141. What The?.................Jenny from the Block
  142. Wow! Just wow!
  143. John Paulson is putting money back into the housing market.
  144. McDonalds Lawsuit
  145. Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary law!! FTL
  146. So Kwame just layed out a police officer?
  147. Mortgage Bailout
  148. Al Gore's Challenge to Repower America
  149. A serious question about our next president.
  150. I mean, he's done SO much for Detroit
  151. I'd like to thank Kerwin and his people for lower gas prices
  152. Senator Coburn aka Dr. NO
  153. Jesse Ventura
  154. According to the (extremely left) washington post, we already have a new president!
  155. Buahahahah we will Oba come energy crisis by inflating tires
  156. Under age
  157. Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner
  158. best news ever
  159. The GDP grows by 2%, but the associate press says
  160. I'm not anti-cop, but EVERYBODY should watch these videos.
  161. Obama says EVERY family will recieve $1000 from "BIG OIL" this fall.
  162. Obama gets elected, worse case scenario
  163. ONLY one State?
  164. omg!! oil under $118 a barrel!
  165. Labor Day gets dropped for WHAT!?
  166. Miss Hilton Please
  167. The Iraq War Will Cost Us $3 Trillion, and Much More ...
  168. epic u.s. fail
  169. 27%
  170. Why The Hell
  171. how long to WW3?
  172. Sad day for muslims :(
  173. MILFs Attack, 130,000 Flee Southern Philippines
  174. comunist Party of America supports Obama
  175. "...In the 21st century, nations donít invade other nations..."
  176. door to door dog license checks. wtf.
  177. We have to give back and support the Common Good!!!
  178. Colbert on offshore drilling vs new technology
  179. live hearing of kwame's little incident pushing the police officer
  180. Barack roll
  181. Our next President
  182. where my money, Pope?
  183. I Have To Pass A Urine Test For My Job
  184. Birds of a feather?
  185. Are these numbers right?
  186. Was this country founded on Christianity or not?
  187. The majority to be the minority
  188. lol, they found Hussein Obama's brother.
  189. true?
  190. WTF is going on with Russia?
  191. McCain locks up MI to vote republican, and he will be the next president!
  192. Religious Tolerance
  193. Obama names Ross Perot!!!!
  194. Hmm..
  195. Democratic National Convention 2008 NSFW Language
  196. I just got an awesome e-mail from Obama!!!
  197. Secular Weddings?
  198. The year of Living Biblically
  199. Absolute TRUTH
  200. this is what a police state looks like.
  201. The second American Revolution.
  202. versions of the bible
  203. Obama / Hitler. similarities in the speeches???
  204. Joe Biden?
  205. Off Shore Drilling ?
  206. Sarah Palin - VP?
  207. Mccain-Palin or Obama-Biden
  208. Bush Is A Jackass
  209. Palin on Glenn Beck...
  210. The Duffman Plan For Energy
  211. Do you Buy Carbon Credits?
  212. time for some campaignin'
  213. Why are Democrates Violent ?
  214. Democrat or Republican
  215. Who knocked up Palin's 17 yr old?
  216. any bias here?
  217. Is this the speech that decides the election?
  218. Sara Palin the most realistic VP to run in a long time
  219. Kwame plea deal any second...
  220. The last 48 hours on TV
  221. Jon Stewart Hits Rove, O'Reilly and Moris on Palin Hypocrisy
  222. When is Track Palin's birthday?
  223. kwame
  224. McCain-Palin
  225. Mother 2 Mother
  226. Historical election...yes
  227. ANWR video
  228. NSFW--Presidental Election Posters--NSFW
  229. Discuss:
  230. Where's That American Pride?
  231. McCain has 10 point lead among likely voters. Duh.
  232. Obama states - "My muslim faith" yesterday.
  233. 100% Proof for Evolution
  234. What kind of weak argument is THAT?
  235. Best "What Democrats Don't Get" Article Ever
  236. Anyone ever read
  237. the best way to win an argument on GL4x4...
  238. Bill O'reilly calls Sarah Palin a "pinhead"
  239. POLL- world wants Obama as OUR leader
  240. Obama puts final nail in his own coffin. What an idiot.
  241. Biden: "Stand up!" lol.
  242. Rev Wright has another affair
  243. Folow up on "Our stupid government....again"
  244. Sleazy Michigan Republican Tactics...you'll love this!
  245. Dear poor people...
  246. What are we so unhappy about?
  247. Sleazy Michigan Democrat tactics.. you will love this!
  248. a little obama facts for ya
  249. 143 days?
  250. I was ready to punch him in the mouth.