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  1. Potential presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich
  2. Mayflower Compact
  3. Fuck Islam.
  4. Campaign Contributions
  5. so u can't (nsfw)
  6. Latest rant; Mayors meet to discuss housing crissis
  7. Fabio for President!
  8. where your taxes go!!
  9. Let's do it (primaries)...
  10. What's the nail in the coffin for a cantadate that you would otherwise vote for?
  11. Obama...
  12. Your tax dollars at work.
  13. In case you haven't seen them, Youtube Debates!
  14. Bill of Non Rights
  15. God died yesterday
  16. food for thought
  17. lets talk about christmas.
  18. frock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
  20. you must see this film (government scams)
  21. George Bush is the best president ever...
  22. Merry Christmas from Two Penny Jenni
  23. a song that says it all
  24. Traffic Crash Purchasing System
  25. Mitt Romney's speech
  26. Merry Tossmas
  27. Go fish
  28. there really is a war on christmas...
  29. Happy Holidays!
  30. Reminder: Avoid Golden Compass
  31. Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. The new mall on Hall road
  33. Is this a real photo?
  34. Too bad everyone can't think like this
  35. Everyone on this board is an atheist...
  36. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul
  37. Mitt Romney kicking ass.
  38. this is from a 12 year old Amazing
  39. HELP! MikeSova come to JESUS!
  40. The greatest thing I have EVER learned in seeking God.
  41. I think god works in mysterious ways
  42. Keep X in Xmas!!
  43. global.... warming?
  44. Huckabee...
  45. My new Avatar
  46. Faith v. Santa...
  47. Ron Paul
  48. Left Behind: Eternal Forces
  49. Happy B-day Jesus
  50. anybody like George Carlin?
  51. Watch this Film (Ron Paul is in it)
  52. Benazir Bhutto is dead :(
  53. for anyone who talked down about the Pope
  54. Dum bass....I don't think he wants to F with Israel
  55. Kerwin... does your Church play this?
  56. I finally figured out the main difference between Catholics and Protestants
  57. Answers to Politics, Government, and Religion
  58. Answers to Politics, Government, and Religion
  59. Ha ha...thought this was funny!!!
  60. A Quote
  61. Do you trust your voting machine?
  62. Council on foreign relations
  63. North American Union
  64. hahaha Poor hillary. How does last place feel??
  65. Who is Barack Obama?
  66. Gotta go !!!!!!!!
  67. for anyone watching DC vs Heller
  68. Independents?
  69. The fall Of ROME (U.S.A.)
  70. what's the difference between abortion and slavery?
  71. Drudge Siren!!!! Hillary dropping out of the campaign???!?!??!
  72. Who Do You Pick To Ruin/run The Usa?
  73. Non-believing Republicans...
  74. Iron my shirt...
  75. Nail in Hillary's coffin. I love it. She did the unthinkable.
  76. what do....
  77. what party do you vote for??
  78. New Presidential Cadidates
  79. christianity
  80. time to boycott citibank..
  81. Maybe this will help you decide who to vote for?
  82. Iranian Fast Boats
  83. another president picker thingy
  84. The truth about 35 MPG
  85. Ltr from Ron Paul
  86. Kaliban
  87. damn hippys [no offence sandles]
  88. Copy of the letter that I am sending the Dems who pulled out of the state primary.
  89. Hillary's has some shady people working for her
  90. "Im a railroad" -Bush [NSFW]
  91. Romney vs McCain. News article on what they think about Michigan:
  92. Mormons
  93. Best Line on TV
  94. where to go to vote??
  95. Kerwin is this you?
  96. interesting "scientific" article
  97. HAHahaaaaa
  98. why is the abortion rate the lowest it has been in 32 years?
  99. So Mr. Toes wants me to start a thread arguing the bible.....
  100. NAFTA just keeps getting better and better....
  101. china is trying to take more then our jobs
  102. 9/11 war between masons and islam?
  103. "Black" Holidays vs "White" Holidays
  104. Top 100 fundamentalist Christian Internet forum Quotes
  105. bumper sticker
  106. Age of the Earth
  107. would YOU ever go to THIS church?
  108. Joseph, he climbed the corporate ladder of dream interpretation...
  109. Wtf???
  110. Can't wait to get my car fish!
  111. kwami
  112. Part time Legislature
  113. can someone explain this to me???
  114. One Day in Iraq
  115. So whats the deal with taxes???
  116. How to Get Elected President
  117. What did you think of Jenny's speech last nite?
  118. Fuck NADER, not again
  119. For those that don't know about history...... here is a condensed version.
  120. Silly Blacks
  121. a funny joke...ha ha ha
  122. A Day in the Life of.....
  123. Sheriff Joe for President! Yes or no?
  124. Conservatives, why do you hate McCain so much?
  125. Clinton and Prosperity
  126. Final Bush Budget
  127. You decide - I would vote
  128. Super Tuesday
  129. I'm voting for barack hussein obama
  130. Tragedy
  131. hes out
  132. Anyone watch SiCKO? By Michel Moore
  133. Ron Paul on Iraq
  134. The Young Turks?
  135. Now I know why you guys hate McCain...
  136. A catch to the Tax rebates
  137. Why isn't English the official language of the USA?
  138. Discuss
  139. Interesting Hillary Clinton video
  140. America is not at war. The military is at war. America is at the mall.
  141. Hillary coerced a soldier
  142. funny joke about Hillary
  143. I just ordered the Hillary meal at KFC...
  144. Say it ain't so...Please.
  145. The Russians are taking a poke at us, Flyover our carriers
  146. Hillary is ineligible
  147. Glenn Beck article
  148. good religious debate podcast
  149. True,True,True.
  150. The FED not private bank???
  151. The State could save money if...
  152. The angry white man
  153. White man abused by black sheriff deputies.
  154. Goodbye Mr. Toes!
  155. Armed Forces chain email from my mom . . . enjoy!
  156. Anyone else having dinner with McCain next week?
  157. democrats can win
  158. Homosexuality and the Church
  159. Michigan BRC Announcement
  160. Now can we buy cuban cigars? See ya fidel
  161. McCain vs. the Pundits
  162. lol cat - Genesis 1
  163. you ron paul fans give up yet?
  164. well, this is quite an interesting video
  165. NYT using their trump card early! McCain sex scandal!!!
  166. If the Election was today....
  167. In election 2008, donít forget Angry White Man
  168. Hillary calls out Barack on plagiarism, then ends her speech like this:
  169. Who cares about Taxes... I do!
  170. Ralph Nader?
  171. Another Nail in the Coffin of Global Warming
  172. LOL at Kwame....
  173. Candidates???
  174. Christian Reform???
  175. The truth be known
  176. SEMA legislation -backyard restoration
  177. I am so sick of black history crap
  178. Dem's pass oil company tax hike! Way to show those oil companies!
  179. Cool pic. NSFW. discuss...
  180. hillary's future millitary cutbacks
  181. Peace sells...
  182. a serious bible question
  183. the kwame Card
  184. Hudsonville, MI makes it onto Freethought Radio!
  185. Tithing
  186. No more Melanie Morgan hate speech on the radio...oh noes!
  187. do you wear a flag lapel pin?
  188. What is the ORIGINAL acronym for the G.O.P.?
  189. Soldier tosses puppy over cliff
  190. soldier tossing puppy off cliff *update*
  191. Soldier Saves Puppy
  192. Military Ray Gun?! awesome
  193. Food stamps
  194. Congrats!!!
  195. dems to re-do Michigan primary?
  196. baby parts in trash
  197. Proud To Be White !!
  198. Are we haesed to war with Iran???
  199. Are we haeded to war with Iran???
  200. Proud to be a mutt!
  201. Confederate Flag
  202. Annoying Liberals
  203. Democrats cost Michigan more money...
  204. Is this a real Kwame speach?
  205. Heller VS. DC
  206. Gov't sends me information on when to expect more information?
  207. The market
  208. Proposal 2 upheld!!!!!!!1
  209. John Adams
  210. Think obama's finally done? Good ol' Jeremiah Wright..
  211. Good Friday
  212. mikesova
  213. The Candidates Stance On The Issues
  214. obama's church is crying foul
  215. Try as I might...
  216. The Hypocrisy Express
  217. If this church was near me, I would go to it.
  218. Yay Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich.
  219. Rights!
  220. have you ever noticed that...
  221. If obama doesnt win??
  222. Does this offend you
  223. this is what easter is really about
  224. Hillary clinton and 8 year old girl barely escape sniper bullets in bosnia.
  225. Detroit's NAACP leaders are already discrediting the investigation... uh oh kwame.
  226. To Be a Good Democrat
  227. liberals...do they even count?
  228. Ice Shelf Melting
  229. PZ Meyers expelled from Expelled
  230. a while ago... it was said that it's the democrat's election to lose.
  231. this is for you god believers....
  232. Updated Conspiracy chart
  233. Do You see the connection?
  234. Police taser student asking Senator Kerry a question
  235. Homeland security for the financial world
  236. Global Warming
  237. politics=ghey
  238. Stop Loss - Anybody Waste Their $$$?
  239. FBI: Eco-Terrorism Remains No. 1 Domestic Terror Threat
  240. religion is NOT harmless.
  241. Even Democrats have sex scandals
  242. wow...
  243. Stabenow's husband caught with a prostitute
  244. Are you F***ing kidding me?
  245. Divorce Stats
  246. Finally, a voice of reason from CNN of all places...
  247. For the Homo Phobic republicans on this site
  248. old Johnny boy
  249. Man files case to prevent hillary from being president because of the constitution.
  250. Someone please explain to me why I should be in favor of outsourcing.