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  1. I hope this isn't a repost, or BS.
  2. Jerry Falwell, dead at age 73
  3. Sen Thompson: 1. Michael moore: 0... Great video
  4. forget Boycotts...lets try this
  5. the New Uncle Sam
  6. I KNOW HOW TO MAKE GAS PRICES GO DOWN!.. And I'm smart. heres my idea.
  7. Hillary Needs Our Help!
  8. BATF hand signals
  9. The Evolution of Math in the United States
  10. interesting interview with Michael Moore
  11. I should be more religious, just for the excuses...
  12. The amnesty bill
  13. know any good 2nd ammendment lawyers
  14. white man going the way of the indian
  15. Nancy and Harry are working on another one
  16. Oh No, NYC will be in anarchy
  17. Kevorkian being let out of prison on friday!
  18. Why isn't this the headline on every newspaper in america today?
  19. Another Illegal Aliens Thread
  20. tell me what's wrong with this picture
  21. Please help me change my mind. Why do I like Obama?
  22. Question
  23. OxyClinton
  24. What is this world coming to?
  25. too much politics, not enough religion chat
  26. Uh oh, Turks are attaching Iraq. Sol Goode started it.
  27. Religion PLUS politics just for Kerwin
  28. Adoption Group: Cat Invasion Due to Global Warming
  29. Record turnouts predicted for the next presidential election.
  30. hmmmmmmm.....
  31. Where Is Isreal When You Need Them??
  32. I hope this trend continues
  33. Ok, now the fear is global cooling? hmm.
  34. partial birth abortion ban
  35. They found jesus!
  36. Gov wants to tax our fun!
  37. My first experience with JWitnesses
  38. Meeting with preacher.. long
  39. all them guys back in 1770's were mental cases
  40. For those who feel "entitled"
  41. Wish more were like this.
  42. The abortion pill.
  43. Kerwin, this article is for you.
  44. Scientology
  45. Solved our problems
  46. read under U.S. Flag
  47. Lil' George
  48. strip clubs
  49. 2010 is right around the corner.....
  50. The Guilt of Sin
  51. The end is near..........derrrrrrrrrrrrr
  52. global warming...
  53. List of "celebrities" who used private jets to attend the live aid BS concert thing
  54. so what are you doing about global warning
  55. For the bored folks
  56. Burry the N-Word
  57. Government spending...
  58. The Pope Says that The Roman Catholic Church is the ONLY Church!
  59. Zeitgeist: The Movie
  60. Nice job, Bush! (Not)
  61. haha
  62. Bush admits administration leaked CIA name
  63. Mike Huckabee says fatass people are the problem with health care.Fat Tax Discussion
  64. WWII and Iraqu wars, very similar
  65. gotta love the Brits.... comments on Islam
  66. bp dumps waste in lake michigan
  67. Question...
  68. Misleading claims by Bush about Al-Quaida in Iraq
  69. Zeitgeist
  70. Gut Check America
  71. Cheney will be the next president
  72. Mentally Disturbed Texas Man Killed In BATF Raid - Military Size Weapon Cache Found
  73. Twisting the facts again....damn Grandbitch.
  74. somebody should be shot
  75. Ok 87 YJ answer this cuz I dont have the answer...
  76. south east michigan to take in 2000 refugees
  77. aceptamos pesos
  78. what we needed to really "sell" Iraq...
  79. FBI director contradicts Gonzales
  80. anybody on here get screwed by their health insurance company?
  81. anybody hate michael moore
  82. K-12 schools feel squeezed by state budget uncertainty
  83. sign this petition
  84. brb lol
  85. Government Figures
  86. drivers responceablity fees
  87. de-socialized fire department???
  88. Federal Income Tax, Illegal?
  89. "living fossil?"
  90. I wouldn't beleive it if I hadden't read it on another site.
  91. Evolution vs Creationiss, One religion's goal to dumb down the human race...
  92. Funny debate
  93. "Shooting Michael Moore" trailer
  94. Would this be a better world?
  95. We Can't Afford This!
  96. How does Brooks Patterson walk around with those monsterous balls between his legs?
  97. Detroit schools
  98. Who talks to me before they retire for the evening?
  99. Evolution..........of Religion.
  100. 2008 Democratic National Convention
  101. The "Draft??"
  102. Wafa Sultan's political views
  103. Whose fault is it?
  104. Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns
  105. First Obama says war in Afghanistan wrong
  106. Dick Cheney on Iraq in 1994
  107. Democrats on Iraq....
  108. Pray Tell
  109. how come all I ever hear about is the presidents approval rating,
  110. this is getting a bit far fetched
  111. I'm talking with this bush today.
  112. Michael Vick
  113. so now Bush wants to compare Iraq to Vietnam?...but in a good way???
  114. Enough is enough
  115. NAU Welcome Mexico lower standard of living for all
  116. Gonzo Resigns
  117. How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb?
  118. This is it Jesus...
  119. Cool video of Ted Nugent making fun of Obama and Hillary!!!
  120. Creepy old senator arrested...
  121. the start of WWIII just happened.
  122. racist
  123. Donate to a worthy cause...Ted Haggard??
  124. Something To Think About
  125. ADD/ADHD Drug Video..
  126. Well shit, if Fidel Castro says they are the ones...
  127. Holy Cow, There's powder in the parking lot!!!!
  128. katrina victims getting the shaft
  129. The State has Tons of Money
  130. Does this comic offend you?
  131. 160 new jobs
  132. God vs. Science
  133. Bush proposes aid to mortage holders
  134. No officer, I'm sleeping with my daughters to make them better people. -priest
  135. Company starts making their own US money, and backing it with their assets.
  136. More Media Bias
  137. From the "glad I live here and not there" dept.
  138. what, nobody's posting about Gdub's blatant lies this weekend?
  139. German Plot Foiled
  140. Interesting Ethanol article
  141. Ron Paul vs. Mike Huckabee in the Republican Debates
  142. sad sad sad
  143. The Swiss might be on to something.
  144. A little Michigan humor
  145. Bums for Bush!
  146. Breaking News: Bush on Bin Laden
  147. (D-CA12) Rep. Tom Lantos's well thought out, articulate response to General Patraeus
  148. 9/11 tribute...NOT a conspiracy
  149. Bin Laden deserves the rights of due process.
  150. What the media doesn't tell ya.... 500 scientist reports conclude...........
  151. This is HIIIIIILarryass
  152. Anyone pro war? *HELP*
  153. Finally some honesty out of a politician...
  154. Why aetheists care about religion.
  155. Vermont Supreme Court CO2 ruling
  156. hahahaha, you gotta be kiddin me...another one?
  157. Kwame Strikes Out!
  158. Can you imagine?
  159. Another Muslims post
  160. Lol @ Blacks
  161. Adam Kokesh: “When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty”
  162. haha, the flyer Mitt Romney doesn't want you to see...
  163. should this be a new kerwin smiley?
  164. Serial Rapist Agrees to Castration
  165. Morality: Religion vs. Not
  166. Lady arrested for not watering her lawn...
  167. Looks like we won't have to go to war with Pakistan
  168. Israel bombs Syria
  169. Pretty soon, people will want you to pay with canadian currency
  170. The Media in the U.S
  171. Soldiers going Awol
  172. Lol, Yeah We Need This In Usa!!!!!
  173. Columbia University
  174. Why is it that
  175. distractions...
  176. Ain't It the truth??
  177. YOU WORRY ME. (a bit long but worth it)
  178. If you make over $97,000.00
  179. Jon Kitna's faith
  180. When was the last time a NY Times ad killed someone?
  181. Why in the funk would you bring Bill Donahue on to talk about the leader of Iran?
  182. Candidate Calculator
  183. Ultimate 9/11 scamer
  184. Illegal dishwasher out 60k
  185. Think this would work for Mich.??
  186. Michigan sales tax is going up!
  187. How To Save $ In State Budget
  188. How to be a good democrat
  189. Tax Dollars Hard At Work
  190. Union files court order to stop release info about drunk/high firefighters that died.
  191. A Poll for your Presidential Candidate
  192. legal drinking age
  193. Ok Dave.... Here is one for ya..
  194. editorial from the wsj about michigan
  195. a quote from governor Jenny...
  196. Children Propaganda
  197. Politicizing 9/11
  198. 949,113 Is sort of an interesting number..
  199. more rediculous crap...from conservatives.
  200. an interesting poll toy/tool
  201. Clinton the Great Equalizer
  202. Kerwin, I received this email, can you please clarify?
  203. have a problem with Media Matters? Watch this, please.
  204. Dems not on the Michigan primary...Michigan not important?
  205. More Friedman feedback
  206. Coulter says that Christians want Jew's to be perfected...
  207. Illegal Aliens Cost:
  208. Free Republic
  209. mom buys boy guns for school shooting
  210. Recall two penny Jenny (with links!)
  211. couple of quotes worth a replay
  212. armenian genocide
  213. Hurricane Guy Dr William Gray calls Gore a liar, and says hes brainwashing our kids.
  214. An old story
  215. The Vatican (yes, the vatican) releases photo of PJP waving from beyond the grave.
  216. lol @ africans
  217. lol @ Fred Thompson
  218. Stupi granholm
  219. backfire?
  220. FYI: Ozone is back to normal.
  221. 4x4 church?
  222. We already won, WTF!!
  223. Bullpoo
  224. Seperation of Church and State
  225. Anyone who has been to Wal*Mart before knows this
  226. George Will on Seniors
  227. Are all you atheist bying your kids the Golden Compass for CHRISTmas??
  228. Your Mission Mr Phelps
  229. Does prayer work?
  230. science or religion
  231. Save the pretty animals
  232. Michigan info
  233. My views on God and why we are doomed....
  234. Berkley, MI's nativity voted on today!
  235. Hillary Clinton is no engineer
  236. The Founding Fathers are Laughing all the way to hell!
  237. another religion battle, 12 y/o kid suffers
  238. Origin of Species - unstable footings in Evolution
  239. State Spending
  240. In Honor of Pat Robertson deciding to back Rudy Giuliani...
  241. Finger Pointing
  242. UAW members - Presidential election question
  243. A Time To Kill
  244. 13 months...
  245. Part Time Legislation
  246. Clinton . . .
  247. WTF, Gas is at $2.95
  248. Why I know the church is wrong...
  249. You know, the more I read abour Ron Paul, the more I think I will vote for him
  250. Your tax dollars might make prison rape safe!