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  1. Fox News has a bias? I thought they were fair and balanced?
  2. CNN's Glen Beck asks first muslim congressman to prove he's not a terrorist...
  3. Merry Christmas from Lewis Black!
  4. Stephen Colbert to George Bush Sr. :Back off Old Man!
  5. G W has been cursed
  6. WAAHOO!! The democrats have some power finally! We all get 2 dollar raises!!!!
  7. A sad day
  8. Remember that 9/11 movie "loose change" Watch these idiots get disproven.
  9. You heard it here first, folks, if you're not christian, you are worshipping a demon.
  10. Kissinger: Iraq Military Win Impossible
  11. So the dems want to put the draft back in right now
  12. uh oh! The polar ice caps are actually
  13. Say it ain't so Kramer!
  14. Globalization
  15. Oh our brave soldiers in Iraq...
  16. Almost forgot about this...
  17. Thanksgiving proclamation 1789
  18. Look out John Stewart!
  19. Look out for Commie Penguins?
  20. Take mikesova seriously?
  21. Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. bored, look what I found on snopes.com
  23. Michigan Could Have An Interesting Ballot
  24. religion is so hipocritical
  25. My Grandmas Daily Email
  26. 6 Muslim Men removed from plane for praying- on Tucker and O'Reilly plus war on xmas!
  27. Neighborhood fights over peace wreath
  28. Michael Savage on Islam
  29. Richards
  30. :tonka:
  31. Wrongly Accused Man Settles Bomb Suit
  32. Is there a civil war in Iraq?
  33. How Chiefwoohaw plans to say GM
  34. God can take care of your small problems!!
  35. How does an immigrant have rights under the Constitution if they are not citizens yet
  36. The next Holocaust
  37. Don't have sex until you're 30...unless you're married. hahahahah Thanks George!
  38. In U.S., fear and distrust of Muslims runs deep(IGNORANCE=KEY PROBLEM)
  39. No more secrecy -- Christmas must be destroyed!
  40. Attention Liberal Hippies
  41. Can we just change this forum to....
  42. On MSNBC, Prager continued to baselessly attack Muslim Rep.-elect
  43. Outrageous
  44. 5-day work week is a Capitol Hill culture shock
  45. Congrats to Mary Cheney!
  46. Who Killed the Electic Car...
  47. Who's your next President
  48. I don't thing the fence is working
  49. This is what the media won't tell you about the Soldiers
  50. Interesting film
  51. The coolest 8 year old ever!
  52. WMDs in Iraq? Democrats thought so!
  53. All this time...I thought the president was commander in chief...
  54. Soy Milk makes you gay! Jamiesann please note where this article came from...
  55. Are people fawkin' retarded?
  56. Barack Obama commits!!!!!!!
  57. a christian church that promotes tolerance...cool.
  58. Great way to support our troops
  59. Proposal 2
  60. Merry Christmas, Fuckers.
  61. What a Bunch of Horseshit
  62. Is Bush a John Kerry-esque Flip-Flopper?
  63. Are they seeing the light ?
  64. What the people wanted
  65. Would you pay to watch Sadam hang?
  66. John Edwards is runing in '08
  67. The DuffMan Plan To Reduce Federal Spending
  68. The DuffMan Plan To Reform Welfare
  69. Democrats Version Of Refunds
  70. The left...
  71. Historic Day for Women
  72. Legal question.
  73. Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims
  74. War and economy..
  75. Big Brother is Watching
  76. Nancy Pelosi will not fund the McCain Doctrine without justification
  77. Somebody tell Ms. Boyda that Congress represents the interests of the people!
  78. So happy
  79. I think its really wrong that Bush attacked Al Qaeda in Africa.
  80. Dems First Success
  81. Saddams Cat!
  82. Bush's Public Address
  83. Hillary in 2008?!!
  84. Two or three free thinkers might like this...
  85. "Free Thinker"
  86. Special Comment on President Bush's recent speech...
  87. Jack ass of the year award goes too . . . .
  88. Like him or not this is some Funny Sheet
  89. Letters to the Editor (Stupid people with pens)
  90. Telephone Poll
  91. Cheating and the courts
  92. Pelosi economics comments
  93. Hargrove tells it like it is
  94. Want a free college tuition? just kill someone..
  95. The Duffman Immigration Reform Plan
  96. I can't believe no one posted this yet
  97. Tribute
  98. New picture of your next president!! J/K
  99. Is Iran going to be next?
  100. Bush's proposed changes to the tax code for health care:
  101. Draft
  102. Did anyone notice???
  103. Nice Little read on SUV's and Cars
  104. GL4x4 Bush Poll
  105. I suppose the left does not see this as a threat either
  106. List of dead Clinton associates.
  107. Hillary's run for 2008
  108. WTC video
  109. Holy Smokes, Jennay will help me sleep bettar tonite...
  110. My Religion.... ponder this
  111. This is sad...
  112. Fact checking the president on his terrorism report.
  113. Rev. Ted Haggard says Evangelicals have the best sex life of all groups.
  114. Evangelical War on Science
  115. Solution to Save Gasoline
  116. sova. .
  117. Global Warming? Revisited!
  118. When do stereotypes end and truth begin?
  119. What do you make of the "Scooter" Libby Case?
  120. censored news
  121. New Terrorist Video
  122. VA moves to apologize for slavery....WTF
  123. They need some badass JCR bumpers in Iraq...
  124. YES! Hilary for president
  125. some fun hillary reading for you liberal pussies.
  126. Rudy Commits!
  127. Happy Birthday
  128. Democrat senator wants to BAN ipods and cell phones on city sidewalks
  129. What we are in for
  130. Teddy Roosevelt on immigrants
  131. Oh shit
  132. shooting stats Iraq vs DC
  133. President of Czech Republic Calls Man-Made Global Warming a 'Myth'
  134. Thought Provoker
  135. Global Warming Summit CANCELLED due to snow.
  136. NBA Player Has An Opinion - So What?
  137. 1/2 Hour News Hour
  138. Flip Flop
  139. I found god...
  140. support real journalism, boycott Glen Beck!
  141. Yes!!!!!!!
  142. Gallup poll says Americans favor a woman/black than mormon/old guy/divorcee
  143. Obama isn't black
  144. It's funny
  145. Hillary's the B**** we thought she was
  146. Politics
  147. terrorism-related statistics inaccurate
  148. Wesley Clark: Stop Iran War
  149. I've found religion!
  150. Jesus tomb claim sparks furor
  151. Family histories of Sharpton, Thurmond collide
  152. Dissension in the Ranks: Soldiers Speak Out
  153. can anyone confirm this??
  154. Do as I say, not as I do.
  155. Lion's back closes
  156. Al Gore's electric bill data. :tonka:
  157. The road to serfdom.....
  158. 6 Reasons why God May Exist
  159. President Offers Helpful Advice to Britain's Prince Harry on His Upcoming Deployment
  160. Can someone help me understand this..
  161. PC BS Funny
  162. A kid died because his mom couldn't afford a dentist.
  163. A Reading from the Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20:
  164. Health care
  165. Your tax dollars at work. Summary of my trip to 7-11 at 9:28am.
  166. Still want socialized health care?
  167. Jenny on Channel 7
  168. Hey Jerkoffs (granholm supporters) Your leader is a scam artist.
  169. Captain America killed off
  170. to go with CC's Jenny post
  171. are we allowed to post political humor?
  172. Delete
  173. Last year, The net worth of the average american rose 7.4%. How about you?
  174. Sin Tax
  175. Cafferty: “War on terror is used as an excuse to circumvent our civil liberties”
  176. Since we can't get anyone to sign up to go to Iraq...
  177. dont ask, dont tell
  178. Pentagon's Plan-Cut and Run!?
  179. Wednesday Funny!
  180. It's the new cool thing
  181. Smell the Pork
  182. Best thing to happen to the USA in a long time. Mexico to legalize abortion.
  183. Good article (that isn't filled with useless liberal BS)
  184. Another good article not filled with liberal BS
  185. Hmmmm....
  186. Ctrl C + teh Ctrl V
  187. Psycho Conservative Pundits...
  188. Mr. President, you're leading us off a cliff...STOP
  189. Another confused Christian...
  190. Democrats spending your money to buy votes
  191. How do you all feel about this?
  192. Does something sound wrong here?
  193. Is America Ready For a Black Pres?
  194. I hope the Michigan republicans stand strong against Crapholm today.
  195. Godtube
  196. Hillary "Walking Eagle" Clinton
  197. Can't help but laugh
  198. Ya, We Donlike Dat Sharia Law, Youbetcha
  199. This is a pretty good summary of the Plame scandal by Bill Maher
  200. Religous debate on post by 87YJ
  201. Pizza for Pesos
  202. Fun betting game. When will the first Coalition bomb land in iran
  203. the Fieger ads on TV
  204. Peanut Butter :The Aetheist's Nightmare
  205. 22 Ways To Be A Good Democrat
  206. Red, Blue, or red neck?
  207. Is the Bunny a problum for you?
  208. What do you think about the advice given here, Kerwin?
  209. There is no such thing as Easter!
  210. Pelossi going to Syria ??
  211. wow is all I can say....
  212. Hey Dems.
  213. Message To Our Soldiers In Iraq
  214. Bush almost blew himself up! ;)
  215. What day is the Sabbath?
  216. 911 conspiracy....
  217. Double Standard?
  218. Applause neccesary to Catherine Crier...
  219. Why do you suppose.......
  220. Abstinence Only Sex-ed doesn't work...surprise surprise!
  221. Who's going to see Ann Coulter speak in, who guessed it..Howell, MI?
  222. Do you know the name of the PM of...
  223. a little global warming speal
  224. Kerwin, help please. asap.
  225. wow.
  226. Democracy and immigration
  227. How the media is handling this VT killer photos.
  228. Mrs.McCarthy and HR1022
  229. 1 in 30 aborted babies come out alive? huh?
  230. Death Penalty??
  231. Newt Gingrich knows why the VT shooter did it...Liberalism!?
  232. Copperas Cove man to give president his Purple Heart
  233. Professor Fired Over Va Tech Discussion!
  234. A few words from Iacocca
  235. look the gov wants our guns again
  236. Blue Angels Crash
  237. Toilet Paper
  238. look a stupid republican propaghanda video...with a hot asian!
  239. Dear God Why do our Children kill each other?
  240. Just in case you thought our state wasn't ready for alternative energy...
  241. Ever wonder why the DNR think they are all powerfull?
  242. I never thought I'd be making post in here but... wtf?
  243. I think that John Stewart is seriously underrated.
  244. Iraqi Parliament Planning 2 month recess.
  245. Abu Ayyub al-Masri. dead.
  246. porno site for christians
  247. Sarkozy won???? Hopefully the french will stop being pussies
  248. Who doesn't believe in Evolution?
  249. The bird feeder
  250. Wow, is America Changing?