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  1. Benghazi
  2. Website says aliens are real!!!
  3. Navy Yard Shooting was an attack on NCIS agents who were going to arrest Obama
  4. Atheism religion starts its megachurch
  5. Snyder
  6. National Park Service produces videos praising Islam
  7. Cruz is on hour 18 trying to save us from obamacare
  8. Thanks John Kerry for signing the UN arms treaty.
  9. Third Term?
  10. Commandant of Marine Corps Calls For Arming All On Duty Marines At All Times
  11. New orv bill
  12. EPA and Woodstoves
  13. Washing D.C. liquidation sale
  14. For those of you that are interested in knowing which gov agencies are shutdown
  15. Just got my advanced layoff notice........thank you to the Federal Government
  16. Obamcare Hotline
  17. "imagine if workers could shut down a plant because they wanted to get something" - O
  18. south carolina rules
  19. Ocean shut down by gov?
  20. #t2sda
  21. To hell with the Democrats and Obama and their default scare tactics.
  22. Heres a couple of articles that are an interesting read.
  23. Violent Democrat Rhetoric
  24. This badass is mowing the grass at the lincoln memorial right now.
  25. Conservative Politicians
  27. So now what do we do?
  28. EBT Glitch ??? OR Shut off hmmmm
  29. Has anyone here actually tried to sign up for O-care yet? Heard something about it
  30. Billy Graham
  31. Does this sound familiar?
  32. Who am I. Interesting..........
  33. Obummercare Fukuppy
  34. Why the dems want separation of church & state
  35. 15 things not to say to an atheist.
  36. Sova's thread got me thinkin.....
  37. How much did your 2014 health insurance increase, real numbers only
  38. From Athiest to Jesus Follower
  39. White House Petition
  40. The Cross
  41. Third party
  42. Will it be harder to buy ammo?
  43. i predict (from obummer)
  44. The irony of Obamacare
  45. Oboma care should be charged with crimes.
  46. New Vs. Old Tolerence
  47. Media Censoring?
  48. December 7, 1941
  49. Heaven is for Real?
  50. Madison judge strikes down law that gives clergy tax free housing
  51. Open carry in a school
  52. i like this guy
  53. Healthcare and Thanksgiving Day
  54. Macy's Parade
  55. Muslims destroy 240,000 beers.
  56. What will Detroits bankruptcy do to SE MI?
  57. A great video on why people should be armed
  58. Workplace Holiday Traditions
  59. Festivus Pole in Florida State Capitol
  60. The Party of the Rich
  61. You now need rape insurance to have abortion in michigan.
  62. Ironic
  63. Is Chicago waking up?
  64. Pope francis condemns racism and declares that “all religions are true” at historic t
  65. Noahs Ark.....Found.
  66. Conservative group rewriting the bible to make it less liberal... ;)
  67. Michigan nullifies ndaa indefinite detention
  68. Less Freedom Than Pre-Revolutionary War Days?
  69. Saweeeet!! Can't wait to see the new Wrangler Abarth!!
  70. Minimum Wage Argument
  71. Kudos to Detroit's police chief.
  72. We ever go to war with this guy, we just need to nuke him and be done.
  73. Everything You Read On The Internet is True.
  74. I'm really glad this guy isn't our Governor
  75. Detroit in the news again!!! Same ole shit.
  76. This is what I've been trying to tell you....
  77. Snyder state of the state
  78. Brooks Patterson Loves Detroit!
  79. Well, this is interesting...
  80. We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you're doing it.
  81. State of the Union
  82. ACA=Jobs?
  83. Creation vs Evolution debate tonight
  84. Barry says no corruption....
  85. Oh the Irony!!!
  86. Belle Isle officially MI's 102 state park today
  87. Obie care employer mandate pushed off
  88. Going down, real fast
  89. Obama shitting on the Constitution again
  90. Douche extraordinaire Piers Morgan done
  91. Opinion: What is the best investment for the next year?
  92. Son of God
  93. Gun Registration
  94. Russia is getting Bigger
  95. Issa vs Cummings Lolz
  96. Sheila Jackson;D
  97. Enforcement of Federal Laws
  98. What Percent are you?
  99. Liberal fun
  100. Crimea
  101. Giving up control?????
  102. Scrap Metal
  103. Shark Tank Investor
  104. MDOT public service announcement
  105. Joni Ernst wants you to elect her in Iowa. LOL
  106. Alaska wants to be given back to Russia?
  107. Obama attacking beer!!!!!!!!!!
  108. GM ignition switch recall
  109. There's an elephant in the room.
  110. Being Targeted By The Government...
  111. 2016 Republican Ticket
  112. Nappy headed hoe or natural?
  113. Land Grab?
  114. WATCH on YouTube: MiG fighter jet in extremely low fly-by buzzes Kramatorsk locals
  115. It's EASTER!
  116. Awwwww.........it's not about the color of your skin anymore!
  117. Old timers...
  118. Police State
  119. How does our government allow people like Eric Holder to keep a their job?
  120. We are no longer NO. 1
  121. Al Sharpton teleprompter fails
  122. Pope calls for Redistribution of Wealth
  123. Operation American Spring
  124. Obama went over Niagara Falls in a canoe!!!
  125. Target Shooting - Michigan
  126. US Marine Held in Mexico - Petition for Obama to Get Involved
  127. Not If, But When.
  128. 5 Taliban for 1 American
  129. Quote of the day
  130. Kuwamee Kilpatrick story on CNBC
  131. Subjective Morals
  132. Come have fun and worship June 29 2014
  133. Ted Nugent outspoken.......or just truthful?
  134. Kim Jong-Un mashup
  135. I Didn't Pay My Water Bill...
  136. Anyone seen this liveleak video of ISIS....BRUTAL graphic
  137. This image is the answer to 99% of world problems:
  138. So the black kid was a thief before a target
  139. Unarmed man shot and killed by police in Texas.
  140. Let's cut Obama some slack, eh?
  141. NRA expanding their horizons
  142. Who changed the channel when Obama came on?
  143. I Loled.
  144. The way a shooting victim's family should act
  145. Palin Family Brawl
  146. How Jihad will be carried out on our own soil, one step at a time.
  147. why dont you hear about more hate crime towards whites?
  148. Are We Ready for Another
  149. Terrorists on the ground?
  150. Bummer
  151. Pathetic
  152. Another Obama ideology...
  153. Holder resigning as attorney general.
  154. ISIS is f'n hardcore. These guys don't give a fuck. (video)
  155. Great Napolitano piece on Bergdahl
  156. Code Michigan - Reinventing Michigan Government
  157. Civil War anyone?
  158. Ebola, should air travel be shut down from infected regions?
  159. Anyone here in the National Guard?
  160. Idaho Wedding chapel.....
  161. Governor signs "Anti-Tesla" bill
  162. brute or yeti coolers
  163. Vote YES on Props 1 and 2
  164. Learning about Islam in History classes?
  165. 4 more for Snyder
  166. Radical Left President
  167. Be glad we don't live in Washington State
  168. current affairs test
  169. Ferguson, Help is on the Way
  170. Net Neutrality
  171. OMGoodness Sova might not exist.
  172. November 20, 2014- America changes forever.
  173. Benghazi report
  174. Monster Energy Drink = The Devil
  175. Time for some more Rioting in Ferguson
  176. Abraham Lincoln and Thanksgiving
  177. Is this the Begining?
  178. CIA torturing
  179. Possible terrorist charges for Ortonville/Brandon High schooler
  180. wronful death suit against Bushmaster
  181. low oil prices are bad for america??
  182. Repub Senator Coburn blocks Vet Bill
  183. Obama mistaken for someone that actually works for a living
  184. Appropriate response to North Korea?
  185. Good News For 2015
  186. Go Snyder
  187. Pastor freely admits he's attracted to men, chooses to marry a woman
  188. Communism is Alive and Well
  189. Debt
  190. Free Community College
  191. Fistfight Evangelism
  192. Another beating by police. Your thoughts?
  193. Liam Neeson 'Guns in US a disgrace'
  194. I tried.
  195. Many americans under the age of 30 have no religion, aber help!
  196. Global Ression
  197. seth rogen and Micheal Moore banned from Branns restaurant in Wyoming mi
  198. 8 Things Your Pastor Will Never Tell You About the Bible
  199. Cop pepper sprays unsuspecting dude
  200. ISIS kicks it up a notch
  201. Regan's Birthday
  202. The Unicorn
  203. Godless parents are doing a better job.
  204. Tin Foil Hat Time
  205. I wondered when this would start happening. 3 muslims killed in US
  206. U.S.: Pot use doesn't increase crash risk
  207. I Spy......
  208. A Nuclear Iran
  209. If goat f'ers attack our malls......
  210. Keystone.....Dead
  211. Police State?
  212. oops mispost
  213. Delete
  214. Is there a new "cold war" coming soon?
  215. American flag banned at a CA university.
  216. Putin: dead or alive?
  217. proposal 1
  218. ISIS releases kill list
  219. Ted Cruz
  220. Autistic student told to remove jacket
  221. Security Breach?
  222. is gofundme the new welfare?
  223. I usually side with the cops....but WTF?
  224. Rand Paul
  225. Hillary Clinton
  226. 5 walmart stores in the south closing doors?? possible conspiracy?
  227. Happy Earth Day!!
  228. Taxes I R S
  229. Attorney General????
  230. Baltimore
  231. If not Hillary, then who?
  232. Michael moore
  233. Texas Shooting
  234. What do you think of this video?
  235. Joe Biden
  236. They're here- aren't open borders awesome?
  237. They are still trying to change the CWA to regulate puddles....
  238. Social Security is in Trouble
  239. British Elections Taking on a new Twist
  240. Hill dawg's emails
  241. Egypts opinion of Obama
  242. Aber. This is for you.
  243. illegal on line ammo purchase?
  244. Extreme Right Wing?
  245. This pisses me off!! Maybe nsfw (blood)
  246. world evolution vs islamic evolution
  247. Voter ID Laws.
  248. anyone else see this video of Cops crash pool party
  249. Frightening' invasion of U.S. under way 'Today the Soviet Union has come to us'
  250. Insult Islam and Get Prison