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  1. Bear with me- another 2nd amendment thread.
  2. A good podcast to listen to....
  3. Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator's Final Speech - (Oct.1940)
  4. It was a matter of time..
  5. Who do you REALISTICALLY think should be the next president?
  6. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?
  7. The latest from “DHS Insider”
  8. Detroit Free Press
  9. Alex Jones Piers Morgan
  10. Sovereign Citizen
  11. I am baffled by the "executive order" talk by Obama and Biden
  12. 100,000 New Members in 18 day
  13. Eric Holder
  14. NRA met with Biden today
  15. James Yeager fed up with gun control Bye Bye Gun Permit
  16. Obama rubbing our noses in his victory and radicalism.
  17. Lefties lying about wanting to protect our children.
  18. The French Attack??
  19. Proof of where Obama stands on guns
  20. Take Action Now!
  21. nutnfancy
  22. Anti-Gun interviewer get's slammed by the facts
  23. Hypocracy at its finest
  24. Executive order gun ban
  25. Politicians...545 vs. 300,000,000 People -By Charlie Reese
  26. New Yooooooork!
  27. PATRIOT ALERT!! Social Security Name Changes / READ
  28. Obama's disarm the victim movement.
  29. Gun control vs. the 2nd Amendment
  30. Nra psa
  31. I don't know why, but this amuses me
  32. AR15 Newtown
  33. snyder's speech tonight
  34. Second Amendment is a right not a privilege
  35. Kid's Letter To Obie
  36. exrcutive orders
  37. NRA Tom Selleck on the Rosie O'Donnell Show
  38. Michigan SB 63
  39. Louie Giglio and the Inauguration Tolerance at it's best!
  40. What the Anti Gun People will do to have War on Guns
  41. Obamalogic
  42. Is this the new trend?
  43. nra concerns
  44. "Another" mass shooting with an AR
  45. Michael King (MLK) was a gun owning republican
  46. Utah Sheriff's Association sends a CLEAR message
  47. NRA Wayne LaPierre Responds to President Obama's Inaugural Address
  48. Breaking News Sandy hook shooter
  49. Unions Suffering Steep Decline in Membership
  50. Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum
  51. Feinstein is out of her mind.
  52. One Of The Country's Smartest Hits The Nail Square On The Head...
  53. Anon takes over USSC.gov
  54. 11 Million new CITIZENS to elect Oblahblah to a 3rd term!!
  55. Bloomberg asked about disarming his personal securtiy
  56. Senator Levin's response to my 2A letter
  57. Skynet
  58. Is Chicago a gun free zone?
  59. List of companies that are anti gun rights
  60. Goddamn, what is Obama up to now???
  61. Did I read this correctly? Congress ok'd the bumping up of ethanol in gasoline
  62. There Will Be No Economic Recovery
  63. KERRY BENTIVOLIO's response to my 2A letter
  64. Mike Shrikey's Responce to my 2A Rights
  65. Rick Snyder's Responce to my 2A Rights
  66. Obama Admin. Ending Breakfast for Troops Serving in Afghanista
  67. Obama skeet shooting photo...real or fake?
  68. Chigago v. Detroit
  69. Feinstein had a CCW
  70. castrobama?
  71. The largest gun control push in Minnesota history started today.
  72. Buffalo NY town hall over proposed gun laws
  73. List of Sheriffs saying NO to Obama gun control.
  74. My response to Mr. Levins letter..let me know what you think
  75. Anyone go to Lansing today for rally?
  76. The Reverend Jackson
  77. Cabellas NRA membership drive
  78. Incase you forgot
  79. Finally... a reason to watch the State Of The Union address!
  80. Oblabla's State of the Union Address
  81. Is this the start?
  82. Michigan gun manufacturers?
  83. Is Today the Day?
  84. Dr. Benjamin Carson
  85. Laymans guide to gun laws?
  86. Sample of Canada's Great universal Health system
  87. Quickly eliminating the Constitution...
  88. Biden says buy a double barreled shotgun
  89. Homestead Property Exemption
  90. Response to obamas gun control
  91. Comcast to no longer run ads with weapons
  92. Who can legally enter your property without consent?
  93. Day Of Resistance...anyone going?
  94. Nra psa ad
  95. God can be egocentric, you cannot
  96. Obamas sequester threat speech
  97. Dem rep Ellison....anyone see this guy?
  98. No more heckling our gov't during NSSE events?
  99. We are all targets...
  100. Honestly who thinks there is going to be a real economic collapse or TEOTWAWKI?
  101. Gun buyback nets 'rocket launcher'
  102. What religion are you and why?
  103. Is this for real?
  104. Morals Without Religion?
  105. A License To Kill
  106. DHS build up?
  107. Bicycle Tax: Cycling is bad for the environment
  108. Carl Levin is leaving!
  109. Sen. Chris Murphy to NASCAR: Drop NRA sponsorship
  110. A man with real common sence
  111. Gabby Giffords' Husband Buys an AR-15 and then Makes Up a Bullshit Story About Why
  112. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?
  113. So long 'Brave new world', Hello '1984'
  114. I'm not into the catholic church, but the new pope seems pretty cool
  115. Discuss. (another religion thread, so we're not mucking up Immortal's)
  116. we need more like him to speak out
  117. Gun Control Video Rap
  118. Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate bill
  119. Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill
  120. Cyprus
  121. They are hear, and we still paid for it.
  122. Jim Carrey
  123. Will you change your profile pic for marriage equality?
  124. Monsanto Protection Act
  125. Sandy Hook crime scene info released
  126. Just a reminder as to where some of your tax dollars are going
  127. OK, The Challenge is on..
  128. Health Care For All
  129. Is North Korea Bawking?
  130. US as the World Reserve Currency
  131. Gun control rally in waterford
  132. obama intervention
  133. Democide
  134. Not that this is good....... but it's kinda good
  135. Your Kids......
  136. UPDATE: Use Anti-Anxiety Meds, Lose Pistol Permit, now guns as well
  137. Taxing The Rain
  138. The Kermit Gosnell Infanticide/Murder Trial
  139. Is there a 'leader' that can realistically fix the mess?
  140. Bombs in boston
  141. United States of America
  142. Why is Barry
  143. For those who believe in the power of prayer
  144. anyone watch Holder testify today?
  145. NUT JOB anti gun nut bitch Boston Gun Rights
  146. Ban immigration
  147. Bill O’Reilly Explodes on CAIR Executive Director in Fiery Segment on Radical Islam
  148. Newtown Voters Reject Budget With Extra School Security
  149. Seriously, Why can't we all just Coexist???
  150. This story pisses me off
  151. Judge Jeanine Delivers AGAIN!
  152. Is Benghazi the end for the Obama Administration?
  153. US Army is ordering Trijicon to...
  154. House Oversight Committee Hearing on Benghazi Live at 1130
  155. Missouri. I like you. A lot.
  156. Should we Fear the IRS?
  157. Musi's at it again, hacking someone up with a Machete
  158. Pope Francis states "Atheists can be good"
  159. Stop Drinking the Hateraid
  160. Exporting LNG
  161. Memorial day pic wow
  162. El Salvador court denies seriously ill woman abortion
  163. The top catholic exorcist guy has saved us all from demons
  164. Never thought I'd see this day. Illiois CPL gun bill approved
  165. So the lady that lied about Benghazi is now the NSA?
  166. NSA Monitoring MILLIONS of Verizon Customers
  167. NSA monitoring Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others
  168. Annoy a Cop?
  169. Russia showing up
  170. Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Found and Certified
  171. We the People Obama Resignation Petition...
  172. The Welfare Of The People Has Always Been The Alibi Of Tyrants
  173. IRS/Obamacare
  174. Terrorists now have
  175. Something real serious
  176. Camping for Americans
  177. Liberty and freedom quotes from World Leaders
  178. New York Style
  179. U.S. will arm Syrian rebels
  180. Anti Jihad Ammo
  181. Anyone else bothered by the fact that the President is committing treason?
  182. El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power
  183. Faith by works or works by faith - Faith Validated
  184. Supreme court to rule on gay rights today?
  185. Court rules against homo teacher who bullied student in Howell
  186. Headlines this morning
  187. This is the End
  188. Russel Brand vs. WBC
  189. DHS, ummmmm
  190. Obama-era Headlines
  191. Any Mormon's here? Question.
  192. Nevada couple suing the police for violating the Third Amendment
  193. Temp Agency
  194. Gotta Love the Irish
  195. Zimmerman trial
  196. NSA Questioned by Students
  197. Venting about the reason I hate unions
  198. Executive order - Government can control ALL forms of private communications
  199. Look Ma, No Teleprompter!
  200. Kate's Baby
  201. Unions up in arms yet?
  202. News flash!!! Detroit bankrupt!!!!
  203. seventh day adventist Cult or christian?
  204. Is this the begining?
  205. The Lynching of George Zimmerman
  206. Is God shellfish?
  207. Fort hood shooter admits he is a terrorist.
  208. Implants?
  209. Debt?
  210. Did anybody see the 'candidates' for mayor of Detroit?
  211. Happy birthday Mr.President
  212. Do not endure suffering, Embrace it.
  213. How not surprising
  214. Liberal much?
  215. A2 calls for repeal of stand your ground
  216. Oh look, its' a dead horse. I'm gonna kick it.
  217. So......Nobody wants it but the Dems and Libs?
  218. My letter to Levin, Stabenow, and Miller
  219. Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, study finds
  220. 2016
  221. Do you believe in Ghosts? POLL
  222. For those who still do not believe the government wants access to everything.
  223. California and Liberal
  224. Domestic Army?
  225. Anyone keeping track of what's been going on in Egypt?
  226. Race Wars
  227. Police searching for more suspect. Another senseless beating
  228. Who Opened the Door?
  229. John kerry to speak on Syria in a couple minutes... video
  230. According to DOD
  231. Shameless Plug
  232. how will obamacare affect the average full time working person?
  233. Facebook/email blatant misinformation
  234. John Kerry on Fox News This Morning
  235. Syria = WWIII?
  236. So you think your online financial transactions and Banking are safe...think again.
  237. Air Force cracking down on Christians
  238. Hillary Clinton to get the liberty medal today
  239. Surprise, Surprise
  240. 2 Million Patriot Bikers
  241. President addresses the nation on Syria
  242. Chuck Norris calls out Obama
  243. Million Muslim March....Uh not quite.
  244. The Pope says......
  245. 2nd Ammendment Miswritten in History Book
  246. Navy Yard Shooter
  247. looks like CNN.com has killed all the comments today
  248. Seperation of Church and State - the ugly side
  249. Who's in for camping?
  250. Drug testing and community service for welfare recipients