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  1. Only in Detroit . .
  2. Why should the government recognize any marriage?
  3. The "Choom Gang"
  4. Weekend Jeepin, & the DNR
  5. Caption this Photo
  6. Tennessee Football Coach fired
  7. Scott Walker retains governorship in Wisconsin recall race
  8. China motors?
  9. an email I recieved about obummer
  10. F.d.r.
  11. Is detroit about to go up in flames?
  12. The Euro is done?
  13. Michigan and Canada building the new bridge
  14. Touch a kid, die, done
  15. Supreme court upholds Obamacare
  16. So the Suadi's are planning on wiping out Syria
  17. Urban Radio...Another View
  18. The New Minority?
  19. Scientology is science fiction...who would have thought?
  20. Boycott EVERYTHING
  21. Interesting read
  22. UN Small Arms Treaty: Barack Obama’s Backdoor Gun Control May Pass
  23. Business owners didn't build thier business?
  24. Anybody deal with people that are trying the sovereign thing?
  25. Who will Romney's running mate be?
  26. Letter from Grandpa-AWESOME!!!!
  27. hrm, surprising source for this article on the "top 1%ers"
  28. US workers, the only one looking out for you is you.
  29. What politician do you side with?
  30. I smell Panic...
  31. I ignited an internet shit storm today.
  32. China Has Invaded America
  33. Westboro Baptist Church In Holland
  34. Vote today!
  35. Who will Romney Pick for VP?
  36. Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’
  37. Demographics of the United States
  38. Come on AP, I know you're biased, but this is crazy.
  39. Isreal Vs. Iran
  40. Soros, does he have an inside track?
  41. Big Brother is Watching
  42. Is it Time to Impeach?
  43. We Have a Winner!!!!!
  44. Romney and Ryan in the area tomorrow!
  45. The Hope and The Change
  46. RNC Reaches new low in Politics
  47. Who will be the mystery speaker at the convention tonight?
  48. Romney's bailout.
  49. Constitutional Amendments on Ballot This Fall
  50. National Empty Chair Day
  51. 2016
  52. Does this Infringe.......
  53. Obama's huge speech tonight. Venue downgrade
  54. The Left continue to push
  55. Save our JOBS!
  56. Fact Check
  57. Ban Corporate Profits...
  58. same ol story
  59. Something to keep in mind
  60. Michigan is going to vote for Obama
  61. Was Granholm wasted last night?
  62. Dennis Miller Rants
  63. The one Obama video everyone should watch.
  64. Dick Morris on Obama's tax plan
  65. Libya
  66. This is interesting news
  67. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now racist!!!
  68. Ghosts, or "where do Christians go when they die"
  69. What do you believe?
  70. We did build that, Asshole!
  71. Proposal 12-1, The Emergency Manager Law
  72. Should schools be able to give birth control to students?
  73. Free obama phone! LOL
  74. God does exist.
  75. This years ballots....
  76. How much democrats have changed in 50 years...
  77. Obama blocks Chinese purchase of windfarm.
  78. Qe3
  79. the difference between murder and abortion.
  80. 1 minute in and Barry says,
  81. why would you vote for either of these idiots?
  82. No Teleprompter Blues
  83. NEXT government FREEBIE
  84. After debate intrade results:
  85. Free Birth control cuts abortion rates
  86. I'll just leave this here:
  87. Obama 2016 (the "movie")
  88. VP debate
  89. Stacey Dash Twitter Backlash After Voicing Support of Romney
  90. Lynette Gaymon should be fired
  91. Is anybody hearing about this ambassador murder cover up?
  92. Mr. Romney's Neighborhood
  93. No sitting president has ever been re-elected with unemployment above 8%... So....
  94. PSA From Kid Rock
  95. Ryan/Biden debate discussion
  96. 'Wet house' being considered in Michigan for homeless drinkers
  97. amanda todd
  99. R. Lee Ermey on voting.
  100. Obama Loses; Race Riots erupt
  101. Six Steps to Marxism
  102. Pimp with a Limp
  103. Rep. Trey Gowdy - We need more like him. Now.
  104. Romney/Obie Debate Part Deux
  105. why did Michelle come home alone?
  106. Who'd a thunk?
  107. Al Smith Dinner videos last night.
  108. Lee Iacocca
  109. washington post on Obama
  110. Lee Iacocca (news from today)
  111. Truly Un Decided
  112. Ballot proposals
  113. Obamacronium
  114. Do the Liberals really want a second civil war?
  115. re-elect obama, DC area golf courses need it.
  116. MAJOR RED FLAG!!! CBS News affiliate runs election results with Obama as winner...
  117. Michigan Proposals - Let's chat.
  118. Do you guys like history?
  119. Obie v. Romney Part 3
  120. Trump says he has big news
  121. Obama 2016
  122. High School Kids in San Diego
  123. Romney and last nights debates
  124. Obama and Russian President
  125. Time for a Change...
  126. There is so much wrong with this country
  127. Romney Office on Hall Rd
  128. The UN here to observe our ....
  129. progressive ins hates America
  130. The 43 Trillion dollar Lawsuit against the Wall St./big banks/fed
  131. Obama IS NOT the First (or second...) Black President
  132. Civic participation letter
  133. America is Waking Up
  134. Jeeps are going to be built in CHINA! ZOMG!
  135. Mitt Romney
  136. What they will not do... illegals
  137. Will Sandy change the election?
  138. Christian vote to cause Landslide victory for Romney??
  139. Man sues church after being crushed by crucifix
  140. The Romney War On...
  141. Colin Powell
  142. The Tax System Explained in Beer
  143. Wait, Romney is leading in Michigan? LOL
  144. Michigan voting laws about wearing campaign clothing to vote.
  145. Unbelievable
  146. What values are you voting for?
  147. F Snyder
  148. I love election season!
  149. The best Election video yet
  150. Predict the presidential election outcome
  151. A plea. to the undecided voters
  152. Please vote.
  153. Expecting a big lead for Obama today,.....
  154. Election day coverage....
  155. The real debates. What we saw was a cover up
  156. Dear GL4X4
  157. Electoral vote contest time!
  158. Clinton calling for honesty
  159. Obama-sama sucks ass
  160. Sorry Mr. Toes
  161. Obama reelected..
  162. How do I apply for government aid?
  163. A plan for 2016
  164. BBA's thought's on politics
  165. Don't forget about the 22nd amendment!
  166. Colorado and Washington
  167. Chris Rock "Message to white voters"
  168. When China finally wants their money back.
  169. Fuck.
  170. Republicans suck ass
  171. How soon we forget
  172. Obama-BLANK!
  173. A random thought on 'job creation'
  174. Paul Ryan isnt going away
  175. Thank you Ron Paul
  176. Let's be realistic for the next 4 years.
  177. How We Need To Start Reforming Elections
  178. What if...
  179. Obama watergate
  180. Don't forget what today stands for
  181. Just a question
  182. No surprise: Obama endorses UN Arms Trade Treaty
  183. Is it time to move?
  184. This is quite a statement.
  185. Best 50 min. I've spent this week
  186. Petraeus
  187. This man would have made an excellent President!
  188. Union garbage didn't want to listen - All fired.
  189. Judge Judy of all people clearly shows what's wrong with our country
  190. Ho, Ho, Ho. Hostess is closed
  191. Twitter now official medium for talking shit during War
  192. Interesting FBI statistics.
  193. 4th Amendment Rights...
  194. Petition To Stop Canadian Garbage
  195. Soviets know Communisim when they see it...
  196. Obama's gun ban list
  197. End of the road: How money became worthless
  198. Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth
  199. That's Logical
  200. So can we start taxing christian churches?
  201. Detroit council demanding Whitehouse bailout
  202. Why unions suck
  203. MI house votes to nullify NDAA
  204. MI right-to-work vote
  205. Best 50 min. Take 2
  206. Doomsday Preppers....
  207. Is this Aiding our enemy
  208. fiscal cliff......
  209. Hb 5768
  210. NRA wins case in Illinois
  211. Lawmakers question gift of 20 F-16s to Morsi's Egypt Read more: http://www.foxnews.c
  212. SB-59 Going under review in the AM
  213. Chicago may use tax dollars to fight concealed carry ruling.
  214. "Assault weapons" ban will probably happen.
  215. John Kerry as Secretary of State?
  216. The Facts.
  217. We are anonymous we are legion
  218. that stupid shirt that has been making the rounds on facebook...
  219. Snyder veto sought on gun zone changes
  220. House Dem: 'Turn in your guns'
  221. Piers Morgan = annoying
  222. small arms treaty
  223. The Ban on Guns will add more things to ban not just guns.
  224. NYSE Sells
  225. If our laws were based on the ten commandments...
  226. It's called Christmas . . .
  227. The Voice. UFWDA Latest Edition just released!
  228. Obama Get's OwNeD!
  229. David Gregory Violates DC Gun Law On National TV
  230. New York newspaper prints map of gun owners
  231. They keep saying they're not coming for our guns, but...
  232. U know your country is in trouble if
  233. What Feinstein's gun bill will say...
  234. so how many ARs and AKs did the looney at Sandy Hook really use?
  235. Black Boxes?
  236. Step by Step gun ban
  237. Join The NRA
  238. Anyone else getting spam/junk emails from a fremanfighter@dune.com?
  239. He's Not Coming for our Guns....
  240. Chuck Woolery on assault weapons
  241. Delete
  242. Still with the birth certificate?
  243. Feinstein gun bill will be worse than we thought...
  244. White House petition to establish gun free zone for president
  245. Obama = Hitler/2013 version? Interesting read.
  246. Increase in social security tax
  247. The firearms and crime stats the media and politicians DON"T want us to hear...
  248. Gun control...from a Russian's perspective
  249. An intellegent post on gun control
  250. NYC couple arrested with arsenal of weapons