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  1. Food Stamps?
  2. Russian/ Putin calls Obama and idiot
  3. Auto Bailout Cost $14 Billion
  4. Jack the Whack opts out of using his own death machine
  5. Weiners weiner.
  6. GM wants more gas tax???
  7. Federal Bridge Funding
  8. Welfare Recipients
  9. New Candidate for 2012 Presidency wants a "Green Economy" Based on Marijuana
  10. Sen. Geoff Hansen
  11. Obama Quote...
  12. new Obama-Care tax!!!!
  13. Fun facts!!!!!
  14. Uh Oh, Libyan War+No Congress Appoval =....
  15. sorry, just finished another book on tape, and had to post this speech up.
  16. WTF? Georgia being sued by several Central and South American countries
  17. I'm tired
  18. Cleaning up the poop!!!
  19. ATF Letter - mildly interesting at least
  20. Don't worry about the hunting knife, get the granny with the diaper.
  21. Nigerian man, no passport, no ticket, no ID - TSA says, you're good to fly
  22. Interesting Amazon tactics hahahahhahaha
  23. VA Censoring Funeral prayers
  24. Justice?
  25. Affirmative Discrimination
  26. Banned For Life From The US
  27. I challenge you to read this and NOT have the will to pass it on...
  28. Welfare Reform
  29. I agree with Obama
  30. I don't know who "Wild Bill" is....
  31. U of M receives $2.1 mil in federal funds for minority students
  32. eddie murphy first black president
  33. Obama's speech tonight...
  34. Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities
  35. No thanks to our dear leader.
  36. North Korea
  37. My census form was returned again!!!!!
  38. Did anyone else wanna go through the TV at Obama
  39. Kwame a free man...again?? Damn.
  40. 9/11 Cross "under attack"
  41. Obama and Gov. are the MoB lol
  42. 2.5 years and that nigger has ruined our credit already.
  43. Obama Administration Performance
  44. 30,000 say good bye to the bridge card. =)
  45. WH Says Obama To Vacation In Martha's Vineyard
  46. London Riots
  47. Obama Approval Now Lower Than G.W.B.
  48. Pick Your next president
  49. Attention all TEA party haters
  50. 7 Points from Rick Perry
  51. Biden is an Idiot!
  52. Dr. Seuss
  53. NatGeo interview of President Bush.
  54. Obama's uncle held by immigration authorities
  55. White House Issues Guides on Sept. 11 Observances
  56. New Blue Nightmare: Clarence Thomas and the Amendment of Doom
  57. Gov. Rick Snyder says Michigan welfare system returned 'to its original intent'
  58. How nutz is this?
  59. Anybody watching the debate?
  60. Special election for Weiner yesterday. This is a 3:1 ratio dem:rep district.
  61. Nearly 2M to say buh bye to their Bridge Cards.
  62. Internet Sales Tax
  63. Media ignoring Ron Paul
  64. People march on Wall Street-Media Blackout
  65. Affirmative action gets you into college and cookies for less!
  66. Warfare/Welfare
  67. reality exists:
  68. Pick Your President Part II
  69. Doorless cherokee
  70. Disappointed
  71. 9,9,9
  72. Still is a POS
  73. Petition to repeal the Hughes amendment ( gun rights stuff)
  74. Organised Religion or the Devil in disguise?
  75. Cain, "gay is a choice"
  76. Barack Obama: bringing America to its knees
  77. Debate 10-18
  78. Herman Cain's bio
  79. All Troops in Iraq Coming Home
  80. 30 years ago talking about greed
  81. Wow...What do you think?
  82. Ann Coulter "Our blacks are better than their blacks"
  83. Rick Perry drunk???
  84. We are the 1 Percent
  85. how do I vote in the republican primary?
  86. We're Number 2 !!!
  87. sexual harrassment
  88. First tea party meeting.
  89. Herman Cain lol
  90. One year from today
  91. National Emergency Activation Notification Test‏
  92. Debate at Oakland University
  93. Michael Moore~activist/film maker
  94. Anybody else think Newt is making it known during the debates that he is by far the
  95. Governor Rick Snyder
  96. Dear christians.
  97. zeitgeist
  98. Obama Heckled During New Hampshire Speech LOL
  99. National Security Debate
  100. When you are Sleeping this is going on Around the World!
  101. Unions, what if...........................
  102. It's ashame Cain couldn't keep his man unit out of all those chicks
  103. I'm going to burn the U.S. flag today!
  104. Firefighters watch house burn... again.
  105. US Senate wants the entire USA to be a ”battleground”
  106. WTF is wrong with this country? Lowes ads...
  107. Still think Ron Paul doesn't have a chance?
  108. GOP debate 12-15
  109. Newt probably won't be reciving the GAY vote
  110. Leone rubuked
  111. Kim Jong-Il WTF?
  112. Uh oh . . Americans are thinking for themselves
  113. The Bill of Rights
  114. Obama will not take NO for an answer
  115. Anybody remember the constitution
  116. Hard working Americans
  117. US Military Defence Secrets
  118. Debt Limit
  119. Global warming saving us from an ice age?
  120. Why is pardoning legal?
  121. I'm with this guy!!
  122. Is big brother watching.....
  123. Communism
  124. Like he said "lets try something new"
  125. Ambassador bridge owner jailed for contempt
  126. How to speak Democrat
  127. Our Tax System
  128. Good Jobs
  129. Ameritopia
  130. Obama says NO to keystone pipeline.
  131. So, help me out and tell me what is going to happen with the republicans now.
  132. Stuff Liberals Say
  133. Thursday debate 1-19
  134. Ron Paul's perdictions in 2002
  135. Obama ordered to appear in court
  136. State of the Union or State of Dysfunction
  137. Judge orders woman to de-crypt her own laptop, so contents can be used against her.
  138. Obama says we need more jobs.
  139. the three terrorists sing
  140. British Defence League
  141. Adam Carolla on the Younger Generation *NSFW language*
  142. Hmm...I think Newt just lost my vote
  143. Global Internet Treaty
  144. Mr. Cranky Pants
  145. What has the republican party done for you?
  146. THe Final Countdown Video Series
  147. Reagan was an awesome Guy
  148. Justice Ginsburg and the Constitution
  149. Obama's Impeachable Offences
  150. Illegal Immigrants
  151. Why does this Administration
  152. Catholic Contraception Debacle
  153. For those that don't know about history
  154. Surplus?
  155. Clinton giving $700 million to help Egypt sewer system
  156. Freedom Of Speech?
  157. a fellow gun owner needs your help
  158. Could our Second Ammendment rights
  159. Dept Limit video, for you Obama Lovers
  160. Obama's Re-Election Strategy
  161. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
  162. The fed budget
  163. FDA Regulation of Milk
  164. The Presidents new Budget
  165. If your doing this the FBI
  166. Wild Bill for America
  167. the state is moving to take CPL away from the counties
  168. Gas Prices are at all time high
  169. An Education in Islam
  170. What happened?
  171. End of life decisions
  172. Republic/Democracy
  173. Gas price's Bush is bad Obama is ok
  174. Socialism tested in Economics Class
  175. "Whites for Ron Paul" . . .
  176. Ron Paul Hudsonville 02.24.12
  177. Primary Today
  178. Obama claims to be the 4th best president ever!
  179. More Law Enforcement on the Ground
  180. Students Cannot Afford To Have Sex
  181. Sheriff Joe about to release Obama Investigation results
  182. Andrew Breitbart died.
  183. The Fox is in the Henhouse
  184. Obama Supporters?
  185. McCain wants to bomb Syria.
  186. Joe The Plumber
  187. Really Canada? (Dad arrested for kids gun drawing)
  188. interesting video on marxism
  189. Porn Hurts Marriage. (Now NSFW)
  190. CVN-65 4 days from Iran
  191. NAACP goes to the United Nations
  192. home of the double standard!!!
  193. Fuel Economy Conspiracy
  194. The Second Amendment Sovereignty Act, S.2205
  195. Paul Harvey 1965
  196. Hooray! for $8 gas... Wait, Wat?!?
  197. Bankrupting America
  198. Obama is giving Alaskian Islands to Russia
  199. Trayvon Martin
  200. We will burn it down!
  201. Should American fight Global Warming?
  202. LOL @ rep getting booted for wearing Trayvon hoodie
  203. Moveon.org BS
  204. What would Jesus do?
  205. Racial?
  206. black girl beating up a white girl
  207. Bad feeling about the Trayvon Martin situation.
  208. New rap song for trayvon
  209. Interesting article on GM and the government.
  210. Brian Aitken Conviction Overturned!!!!!!
  211. Happy Palm Sunday!
  212. How much is too much?
  213. Oh boy Martin Police report is out
  214. Enhanced audio zimmerman said "fucking punks" not racial slur
  215. Rick Warren on the Provacative "Newsweek" Magazine
  216. Odd. Why isn't this getting any press?
  217. Santorum bows out.
  218. What does $5million and Cow Manure have in Common?
  219. The Language of Liberalism
  220. Swastikas and Jew written in Syrup not a hate crime
  221. $40,000 to shake hands with Obama
  222. Do you think a white guy could get away with this?
  223. North Korea launches long-range missile; launch fails
  224. North Korea's big rocket launch this morning. Fail.
  225. how much does a prostitute cost?
  226. make a caption for this photo
  227. Ronald Reagan describes socialism
  228. FEMA camps
  229. Allen West and the Communists in this Country
  230. Remember The $6 Million Dollar Man?
  231. What's Pissing Me Off Today
  232. why can black people have pride but whites cant without being called racist?
  233. Ameritopia.
  234. Child Labor Banned
  235. Should this administration be....
  236. Hb 4925
  237. Vote for him in 2012
  238. Are we Going Forward or Backwards
  239. If I Wanted America to Fail
  240. If the youth in this country think like this guy, were all screwed.
  241. Will it lead to a brokered convention?
  242. Trial for 9/11 terrorists is going to be a circus.
  243. Peace with the Taliban
  244. If I hear "pay their fair share" one more time I'm gonna scream.
  245. Same Sex Marriage?
  246. NYPD officer told to get Muslim leaders' blessing to honor cop killed in mosque
  247. Chinatown in Milan? What do you think?
  248. Got an hour to spare? Obama's Fairy Tale...
  249. Found this little nugget today
  250. Michigan 'Stand Your Ground' Law Repeal Proposed