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  1. Creepy Christian Patriarchy Movement Shackles Daughters to Their Fathers and Homes
  2. Teachers rewriting history
  3. Shariah Law in America
  4. separation of church and state
  5. Tax Breaks!!!!!
  6. Look at how CBS is handling shit again. Them and their editing..
  7. Finally stepping it up a notch!
  8. Check your calendar, it must be 1984.
  9. This is how the US took down Assange? Seriously? Bye Bye Wikileaks.
  10. Wat? State govt' employees will get bennies for their
  11. Tea Party Leader Judson Phillips on restricting voting rights
  12. Scientologists outraged over a play
  13. Red Skelton's Pledge
  14. And it begins...
  15. Good to see things haven't changed... I feel sorry for the Edwards family.
  16. Is Obama running the car into the ditch?
  17. Debt = Wealth According to Democrats
  18. Decisions Points
  19. Obama and his need to sign us up.....
  20. Big Brother or Biblical Prophecy
  21. Welcome to USSR
  22. Bye Bye Obama Care, Thank you judge.
  23. Wal Mart & Homeland Security
  24. Detroit Water & Sewerage Department contracts flowed like water under Team Kilpatrick
  25. Fat kids now a security threat
  26. Clean up thread... go argue else where.
  27. 1 trillion less
  28. Feds nab $7.2 billion for Madoff victims
  29. Top 10 Political Gaffes Of 2010
  30. Obamacare Waivers
  31. Canada, Mexico and the United States
  32. Queers in Combat
  33. Congress to get schooled
  34. Only in America.
  35. The Greatest Man In History
  36. They're coming for your porn! What's next? This is scary.
  37. FCC and Big Brother
  38. New congress to investigate....
  39. Friends & Political Conversations
  40. Obama Claus
  41. Think they got a recipe for Brick Oven Pizzas?
  42. Obama to give
  43. Death Panels back in Health Care
  44. Oppose the Government, Go to Jail
  45. Granholm signs final bills as Michigan governor
  46. Feds want Michigan records in medical-marijuana
  47. Most Productive Congress in History
  48. Lies of our Leader
  49. Our Tax dollars well Spent
  50. Iraq Wants the U.S. Out
  51. Video parody of affirmative action--not bad!
  52. Gas Prices going up!!!
  53. President gets slammed
  54. Our President Loves to Spend our money
  55. Constitution to rule on New Bill's Introduced in the House
  56. Fired deputies get jobs back
  57. The Inauguration
  58. Ohio cop killed another wounded
  59. How are city ordances like this even legal?
  60. The new and improved Cap and Trade
  61. Political (In)Correctness and Media Biased
  62. Pelosi is ???
  63. The Left is on the move
  64. The more time away will prevent him from doing more damage
  65. Homeland Security
  66. Where is the racist power
  67. Micro chip implants?
  68. Obamacare Repeal
  69. Wanting to raise the debt ceiling
  70. Religious Cleansing?
  71. Is it really still Bush's fault?
  72. Egypt's Muslims attend Coptic Christmas mass, serving as "human shields"
  73. Arizona Congresswoman Reportedly Shot at Public Event
  74. Arizona Rep. Giffords Shot; Condition Unclear
  75. Who in there right mind?
  76. Knew this was coming, new gun bill being prepared
  77. Anti Christian? These guys should be your best friends.
  78. Westboro Baptist Church or (WBC)
  79. Obama=Soros
  80. A Few words from Sarah Palin about the AZ killings
  81. Biden speaks on AZ shooting
  82. Republicans are Bobbleheads
  83. Anybody watching the Memorial service in Tuscon?
  84. Can the government ever stop F***ing up?
  85. Bloomberg Businessweek = BS
  86. Attention All Astronomers — The World is Flat
  87. Canada bans Dire Straits Classic
  88. Bill Maher
  89. Let Me Be Clear...Guess who?
  90. Joe Friday and Barrack Obama
  91. ObamaCare Key Points
  92. Obama is the Devil
  93. The revolving door, from the white house to wall street
  94. Politicans are dumb-asses everywhere...even in Alabama
  95. He's not American
  96. "Gays" first, now trannys demand "right" to serve in military.
  97. Great Moments in Liberal History
  98. Michigan gov dashboard
  99. Looks like the republicans aren't f'n around !$2,500,000,000,000 in budget cuts.
  100. Doctor charged with murder
  101. Dead Fish, Birds and now Cows
  102. Who does this remind you of?
  103. And Sova wept . . .
  104. Net Neutrality
  105. Meet New Boss China Owns United States
  106. Obama recalls Roe v. Wade, backs abortion rights
  107. Ben Stein's Dream GOP Candidate? Barack Obama
  108. Can't Stand that Guy
  109. Obama gets purple nerples
  110. Court Boots Rahm Emanuel from the Chicago Mayor Race
  111. This is bullsh!+
  112. Obama Threatens Americans
  113. Kentucky HB208 (drug testing for assistance)
  114. "A nation of cowards"
  115. When all else fails...
  116. Obamacare Waivers
  117. Shit hitting the fan in Cairo
  118. Reagan and Obama
  119. Obamanomics in 1 min.
  120. What my google homepage just showed me :\
  121. Internet Kill Switch
  122. Health Care/ Unconstitutional
  123. The Obamacare ruling explained by a cartoon!
  124. Obama held in contempt
  125. Egypt
  126. South Dakota bill to make everyone buy a gun
  127. Are we as Americans being Brainwashed?
  128. WTF is he up to now?
  129. Reagan.....
  130. Tenn. GOP lawmaker credits Hooters for success
  131. How stupid
  132. Craigslist?? Really?? Craigslist ruins a career
  133. Remember the Ponderosa incident?
  134. Storm brews over noisy use of national forests
  135. MR. Toes. Found you some boots..
  136. Trump?
  137. Forest closures to hunting, snowmobiling, 4x4
  138. 2008 taxes
  139. Too Fvcking Bad
  140. American Economy Going down again
  141. Hr 308
  142. WMD Found on American soil
  143. Did you know:
  144. A solution to our illegals problem
  145. Great job government
  146. Busted:Fox News CPAC Ron Paul Video Deception
  147. Reinstating slavery
  148. Rick Snyder
  149. Liberal Economics
  150. Dear Sierra Club
  151. Democrats from Wis.
  152. Somalia
  153. montana house repeals medical marijuana law.
  154. Movie Industry Moving out of MI
  155. Qaddafi:
  156. Right and wrong.
  157. Homeowner forclosed on Wells Fargo
  158. Can Obama disreguard laws?
  159. If high gas prices was bush's fault
  160. Is this a fake?
  161. More Civilians Killed Last Year in One Mexican Border Town Than All Afghanistan
  162. Fvck Obama / obamacare
  163. TV's Glenn Beck is taking aim at Detroit, comparing our city to Hiroshima
  164. Satire: Teachers Unions explained
  165. Let the reform in OHIO begin!!
  166. House Passed Repeal of Obamacares 1099 Provision
  167. Walter E Williams on collective bargaining.
  168. Now it's Time for Hilary Clinton to go
  169. I think I know where I'm moving.
  170. Where's da Money, Where's da Money
  171. Checking in.
  172. Michigan is screwed?
  173. The Texan way of dealing with Islam
  174. Local Government and School District Accountability Act
  175. Man of the year...
  176. National Propoganda Radio
  177. 'Anonymous' is going to Fu*k $hit Up!
  178. Global Economic Bond Meltdown
  179. *** BREAKING: Occupation of Michigan State Capitol in Lansing Has Begun ***
  180. yet another batch of fail from Snyder
  181. Nuc Plants on the war path!!
  182. Rep. Ryan Wi video on Tax hikes will crash economy
  183. Snyder's taxes at work...
  184. Rep ted poe on foreign aid
  185. Wish Granholm was back.
  186. Speaking of how "Snyder is going to ruin Michigan"...
  187. Where is the money?
  188. Which is better, fascism or socialism?
  189. Finally somone gets it
  190. US Approaching Insolvency
  191. Our Dollar is ?????
  192. Don't be pissed at Snyder...
  193. Libyan War.
  194. Wish Bush was back.
  195. Holy Crap, Next pigs will fly...
  196. Michigan-State-Police-to-close-21-posts
  197. Talk about tax breaks
  198. Hey Libs, they are picking on your messiah
  199. General Electrics taxes
  200. Gov. Rick Snyder signs law to ensure unemployed continue receiving benefits in Michig
  201. Send out your Obamacare Waiver
  202. Is it time to Shut it Down?
  203. Donald Trump for President?
  204. Oregon to reintroduce bill to limit suspension/tire alterations
  205. President Barack Obama's First Ad of 2012
  206. Are we in, The Calm Before Storm?
  207. Spending, Spending, Spending
  208. Fox news drops Glen Beck; He's been fired.
  209. Banning the American flag in schools???
  210. No pay checks for the military
  211. Transparency Award Given Behind Closed Doors
  212. Social Security Numbers?
  213. France is taking over towns and capturing bad guys in the Ivory Coast?
  214. Chicago school bans homemade lunches!!
  215. Inflation Actually Near 10%
  216. Biden Falls Asleep Listening to Odumba
  217. Ron Paul testing the waters
  218. Odumba Bashes GOP when he thinks nobody is watching
  219. Fieger suggests Detroit become hip by decriminalizing prostitution and pot
  220. Liberals need help
  221. Muslims are hillbillys; Muslim inbreeding
  222. Koran burning pastor still making Dearborn visit on Good Friday
  223. Democratic Party using cellphones to get around calling laws?
  224. Obama's birth certificate. Here comes the book that should show what's up.
  225. Properly Inflated Tires
  226. The greatest Sacrifice ever took place today . . .
  227. Should I take it?
  228. Court rules: Fuck the Constitution
  229. Obama Accomplishments
  230. Facebook Political Lines
  231. Surprise! Surprise!…obama is a lifetime criminal!…
  232. Unbelievable. 450 escape from prison
  233. eat the rich
  234. Age of America nears its End?
  235. freedom of religion
  236. Can somebody who has access to a tv at 9:45 fill us in on Obama's Birth Cert talk?
  237. US troops killed in Kabul airport attack
  238. Terry Jones/Dearborn 4/29/11
  239. Now bring our damn troops home!!
  240. Government is now changing the story on how Osama was caught.
  241. This just in from London-istan: Violent clashes outside U.S. Embassy after hundreds o
  242. Rosie O’Donnell: Without Due Process For Bin Laden, We May Be ‘Monsters’
  243. UAW Question
  244. Dirty street bum claims there is no heaven.
  245. President Glenn Beck ?
  246. Goddamn Cops
  247. Obama done messed up big time today. You can't piss of the Jews.
  248. Tax dollars going to the Mideast
  249. Watch your mouth (or fingers)
  250. U.S. Declines to try 50% of tribal crimes.