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  1. Are you fucking kiddin me?
  2. crotch bomber
  3. missing in action?
  4. government motors
  5. Border Crossings
  6. India Rx
  7. obama's achievements
  8. Reid apologizes for Obama negro comment
  9. Noah's Ark, new information just released!
  10. Obama merchandise (nsfw)
  11. "Converting an indian to christianity - don't let the devil win"
  12. History Lesson
  13. Indianapolis doctor's letter to Sen. Bayh
  14. More stuff to make the righties happy
  15. Whacko Pat Robertson explains why the earthquake hit haiti yesterday
  16. CNN talking head on healthcare negotiations
  17. China Internet Censorship
  18. Catholic church feels threatened by “Avatar”
  19. A true book
  20. The Promise of Change...its an old promise at best.
  21. This blew my mind...
  22. I'm worried that my wife will cause an earthquake...
  23. The Immorality of Heaven
  24. US funding for Hati has passed that of Katrina.
  25. Petition to stop Asian Carp- Sign please
  26. freedom of speech
  27. Democrats+Unions=BS
  28. Jesus got busted smuggling weed
  29. Some Bible Writings Could be older then they thought!
  30. Happy James Earl Ray Day!
  31. How to fix our country
  32. Grover Cleveland... best Democrat ever?
  33. Mass special election today. Preview of the next election?
  34. sick of the help haiti barrage
  35. John Travolta to Airlift Desperately Needed E-Meters to People of Haiti
  36. Michigan request denied by Supreme Court in Great Lakes carp case
  37. Without a choice, the union is taking money from home daycare providers.
  38. Civilian Conservation Corps
  39. kWAAAmay!!!! Kilpatrick, Pay Up SUCKA!!!
  40. Scott Brown Fallout
  41. UFC's Brock Lesnar says Canadian health care like 'a Third World country'
  42. HAHAHA..........lol.......what a crybaby
  43. Will the Senate increase the debt limit (again)
  44. Supreme Court strikes down McCain-Feingold campaign finance law
  45. America Rising
  46. John Stewart mocks Kieth Oberman
  47. This is so weird
  48. F*ck Haiti
  49. What is Racist?
  50. Never saw this coming, even after GM repays loans, government continue oversight
  51. export illegals to mexico
  52. Politician Gets Pie In Face by PETA Activist!
  53. right-to-life superbowl ad
  54. Divorce Agreement
  55. Canada is bashing our President
  56. Obama will ask Congress to repeal "dont ask dont tell"
  57. State of Bullshit
  58. History of Liberals and Conservatives,..Worth the read!
  59. Steven Crowder? Detroit in Ruins - PJTV
  60. How to get to heaven when you die
  61. Party like a rockstar
  62. found this kinda funny
  63. 42,000 Jobs, eh?
  64. Not One Dime ?
  65. More Obama Win: Cut Border Patrol and Fence
  66. Mike Rogers - Anyone Viewed This?
  67. State of the State address
  68. not a mark on him
  69. whacko baptists who were stealing haitian kids.
  70. Veridian Dynamics
  71. "green police" commercial during the superbowl. What do you think?
  72. What do we know about Rick Snyder?
  73. Sarah Palin's Hand...
  74. Like
  75. Penn Jillette responds to Obama's Vegas comment
  76. Murtha's Dead
  77. Unions spend millions to stop Tea Party
  78. Obama's Make-Believe Life
  79. I wish congress would listen to teh ScOoTeR
  80. Global Warming
  81. Why you cant refinance.
  82. US to grant Lebanon $237 million in military aid
  83. Het "conservative capitalists", defend this....
  84. Free at last!
  85. UN Climate chairman: " that global warming, yeah, it might not be happening"
  86. if this were you or me.....
  87. Is the "recovery act" working for MI??
  88. More Global Warming Carnage:Lake Erie Frozen over First Time in 14 Years
  89. Teachers union refused to deal.. all will be fired in R.I. school
  90. Missing link "Ida" . . . well, not really a link to anything
  91. Pot shrinks tumors...the government knew back in `74!
  92. Surprise!!! Riddle Jurors: Race Played Role In Mistrial
  93. Big Government Deficit Spending
  94. the real scary thing fema death camps
  95. Marijuana use by seniors goes up..
  96. Kwame escapes Jail once again!
  97. Canadian Premier goes to Miami for medical care
  98. Two Santa Clauses
  99. Social Psychology Quarterly Article
  100. F*ck Chile
  101. Where is your money?
  102. Finally! The truth of what happened to detroit..
  103. Senator Jim Bunning. Hero or Dickhead?
  104. Party crashers...lol
  105. Abuse of Power: Budget Reconciliation to pass ObamaCare
  106. White House trespassers.
  107. F*ck Taiwan
  108. Nice Huh
  109. F*ck California
  110. F*CK Iran
  111. Make Sweet, Sweet love to Alaska
  112. vatican gay sex scandal
  113. bad paintings of Barak Obama
  114. National ID Card
  115. Kerwin, The church actually found satan!!!! And you will be surprised to find
  116. 2010 Census
  117. Vet arrested for manufacturing IED's in OKC
  118. Lesbo can't wear tux to prom, aclu gets involved, prom cancelled, school hates girl
  119. Dear Atheists, too bad
  120. Bill introduced to almost double regstration fees
  121. Theist or Non-Theist
  122. I may become a Democrat
  123. Is aber61 actually . . . ???
  124. Abortion Question. . .
  125. Healthcare bill is posted
  126. Michigan Meat Out day
  127. Texas Board of Education - Social Studies Standards
  128. Upside down
  129. Surprising Honesty from a Dem Congressman...
  130. Obama Orders Military NOT To Fly U.S. Flag in Haiti
  131. Hmmm...
  132. Schools get creative, asshole do their best to stop it...
  133. 48 hours and 6 votes to go
  134. Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar wont take Obamas calls
  135. POLL: Health Insurance; Do You Have It?
  136. Obama sucks.
  137. Health care???
  138. Hmmm Thoughts on Mr. Rogers thoughts?
  139. John Boehner
  140. Welcome to the USSA
  141. Fukc Obama Care!!!
  142. Politically Correct
  143. Hell to the yeah!! Cox to join Florida and other states sagainst Obamacare
  144. Calling crazy abortion protesters...
  145. No more Acorn
  146. Bipartisan project
  147. NOBAMA CARE Signed
  148. did joe biden just drop an f bomb on tv?
  149. Obama's not fucking around.
  150. Since money is soon going to be useless.
  151. Hsa...
  152. Religious persecution...
  153. When will the revolt start?
  154. Things I think will happen if this administration style continues...
  155. Audio: Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually ‘Control the People’
  156. A Must Watch/Play on words
  157. Thank You Obama
  158. WSJ: Your Medical Records Aren't Secure
  159. The Perfect Plan
  160. Maybe a Mod can answer......
  161. You think you are sick of pelosi.........
  162. What Democrat will be knocked off?
  163. Ann Coulter vs. Canada
  164. Welcome to the U.S.S.R
  165. Dems pass bill - GOP's office shot at
  166. Health Care Bill lowest common denominator.
  167. CBS is letting you Rate the President ?
  168. If you don't like the health care bill...
  169. Obama translations
  170. Latest Levin letter
  171. Obama has been the best thing for this country...
  172. Why work? Now foreclosure prevention for unemployed?
  173. Did you know?
  174. `1491
  175. u watch!
  176. Court rules Joeseph nailing Mary = Non offensive.
  177. email to c. levin
  178. Manning predicts riots
  179. u r full of Pelosi!
  180. Ultimate Outsourcing
  181. Obama and the Gulf drilling ban.
  182. Westboro Baptist Church protestes at military funeral
  183. MOre health care bill nonsense
  184. In case you were worried about the polar bears, you can stop.
  185. Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care
  186. Michelle Obama slips Baracks birthplace
  187. Guam is going to tip over
  188. Happy Easter Everyone
  189. the marriage debate
  191. WikiLeaks just got some very interesting apache video.....
  192. Obama will not use Nukes against fellow Muslims
  193. Health insurance bill, savings
  194. Praying for the miners trapped in West Virginia.
  195. Which side of the fence?
  196. Stupak To Retire
  197. How long until WW3?
  198. Another Good Reason
  199. F*cking Sp*cs
  200. Rate the president
  201. Ron Paul
  202. Time to arrest the pope?
  203. a big god as opposed to a little one
  204. Jon Voight Calls Out Obama
  205. what do you guys think of this?
  206. Some PDF's the White House published about Health Care
  207. "Ask The DNRE" On CMU Public Television
  208. Carter feels better.
  209. The next step toward the end of America as we know it.
  210. Biblical Literalism
  211. Watch now before it gets pulled
  212. Government now suing sachs?
  213. I have no word...
  214. Amnesty Bill: HAhahahahahahaha
  215. Obama supporter video. lol
  216. Oblah blah gets heckled by the Dems.
  217. Students using bridge cards...
  218. Unschooling
  219. healthcare same for congress
  220. A good quote for the theocrats out there...
  221. Right to Travel
  222. What do you do
  223. How About That New Immigration Law In AZ?
  224. What about the Whites, Jews, Native Americans, Asians,...
  225. GM commercial
  226. Carl Levin likes to say shit.
  227. Noah's Ark has been discovered in turkey!
  228. So, by running Independent...
  229. Ronald McDonald is a criminal
  230. Alabama speaks english learn it or leave!
  231. It's working already, immigrants threaten to leave
  232. Martial Law in Chicago?
  233. Tea party
  234. Obama caught banging an aide?
  235. Sleep easy, True Americans
  236. So when can we start racial profiling?
  237. Obama Marks Beginning of Muslim Holy Month
  238. friends of Kwame - Nice
  239. Cash for Caulkers...Really???
  240. Interesting Web Conference with TEA party founder
  241. Fox News refuses to run clean energy ad
  242. Michael Specter on Science Denial (TED talks)
  243. Muslims Appointed To Homeland Security
  244. Great new spot from Arizona.
  245. Modifying State Land
  246. Michigan lawmaker plans Arizona-like immigration bill
  247. Video of swat team killing a pitbull during a drug bust.
  248. Oh Gee...feds acknowledge GM repaid loan with loan money
  249. Teacher Deems American Flag ‘Offensive’
  250. L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt:"Where we stand is stolen, occupied Mexico".