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  1. Michigan sets the example...
  2. You cannot legislate the poor into freedom
  3. what rights do i have?
  4. Obama and gun control
  5. Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns
  6. Whitey is fucked.
  7. Up to $3800 fine for not having health care . . . and so it begins!!
  8. Wtf???
  9. white kid beat by black kids for dating a black girl
  10. Obama's health care speech
  11. obama, biden, pelossi how awesome would it be
  12. Someone forgot who he works for.
  13. Medicare Part "E"
  14. "You lie!"
  15. #1 Democrate debate straragy.
  16. I solved the Healtcare issue
  17. Charlie Sheen Demands Obama Reopen 9/11 Investigation In Video Message
  18. #1 Republican debate straragy.
  19. "An error was made in 2008" - "Is America Coming Apart?"
  20. Obama's shoes.
  21. acorn was busted again
  22. you Lie=Racism
  23. North Korea
  24. More Obama Crap about 9/11 - Obama Desecrates 9-11
  25. 9-12 Protest
  26. Wai to go!
  27. Report Card
  28. Obama just called Kanye racist
  29. You Lie=Racism part 2 +KKK
  30. I hope Mark Levin doesn't have a heart attack. I love this guy.
  31. You Lie = Redundant
  32. Healthcare Bill Part 2
  33. WALNUT, the anti-ACORN
  34. This is the best thing that could happen for Michigan
  35. "Audacity of Hos" Fixed
  36. Acorn is de-funded!!!!
  37. What is this biatch talking about....
  38. St. Louis bus fight
  39. Obama: "my bill won't cover illegal's health care, so we should make them legal"
  40. This made me LOL.
  41. Obamas foreign student financial aid
  42. If Obama was a "little person"
  43. School officials not going to jail for praying
  44. CNN=1 FOX News=0
  45. 80% of this mortgage problem is caused by the banks.
  46. Detroit's police chief to soon find himself in the movie spotlight
  47. Cap and Trade alternative
  48. oh noz!!!!!!! bank fraud and Obama are linked.
  49. LOL @ Japan and Korea.
  50. School me on how it works!
  51. Glen Beck...
  52. China is now the Number 1 Air Pollution Producer.
  53. John Edwards: Baby Daddy slimeball
  54. Obama just made the biggest mistake of his presidency.
  55. Will Ferrell Protect Insurance Companies PSA
  56. The obama school song! Come on, sing along with these kids.
  57. Peak Oil - Postponed
  58. Shining example of Democrats arrogance toward taxpayers.
  59. Would you rather stop mexicans or canadians?
  60. The HAPPY Act
  61. O.b.a.m.a. 2012
  62. Proof that dinosaurs were on Noah's Arc
  63. poor kids with dumb parents ruin it for other kids
  64. Obama...what are his priorities?
  65. Iran flexes muscle ahead of talks.
  66. If You Love This Country And Are Proud To Be An American Read This And Send It On!
  67. Mark Loyd and Chavez
  68. Gov. my put Jammers in Cars,trucks and suv's
  69. Obama SS stomps on freedom of speech
  70. Ex-Democratic fundraiser sentenced to 24 years
  71. Great new Campaign to save traditional marriage
  72. Michigan = Awesome
  73. Do you think Obama will Die?
  74. Will the State shut down?
  75. BREAKING NEWS! Riots break out at Pittsburgh University, students gassed and beat
  76. Uh-OH gun owners!
  77. Miss me yet?
  78. Greatest Game Ever
  80. how sad is it
  81. Homeland security police?
  82. Obama National Billboard
  83. Obama on SNL
  84. Sarah Palin's book yields fodder for comedians NSFW
  85. Obama Gun Control
  86. Cross dressing cartoon in California schools
  87. more big brother BS
  88. Guilty or Not Guilty
  89. more michigan democrat fail
  90. Cracking down on welfare fraud.
  91. Is Glenn Beck going to be right again?
  92. Hate Crime Bill is about to be passed
  93. BO wins Nobel Peace Prize
  94. Sign Here For Rush for President
  95. NASA and the Moon
  96. What happened to global warming? lol. -bbc
  97. New Rules On Illegal-Immigrants' Detention
  98. Shock!! BO does not win Nobel in Economics
  99. Is it Time to Spread the Wealth?
  100. Cobert's Thoughts on the Mojave Desert Cross battle
  101. U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade
  102. List of companies who sponsor al sharptons racist group "NAN"
  103. Do you think Jesus rode dinosaurs?
  104. Sell the Vatican, Feed the World
  105. Hiroshima vs Detroit
  106. Justice Dept. Won't go after Med. Pot users
  107. Iran gets bombed and blames the US and UK
  108. White house against Fox news?
  109. Rock Art Brewery VS Corporate Energy Drink
  110. Oath Keepers
  111. I need some help please! Please delete
  112. Mark Lloyd is the new FCC Czar
  113. just disgusting
  114. This might be the best thing I've read in the paper this year. GOP l
  115. Seven lies in two minutes
  116. The Obama people have gotten to the American Cancer Society.
  117. Better get my Name right Bitch!!
  118. The state is cutting school bus inspections. Just great.
  119. Nationalized Healthcare: true story
  120. Healthcare shell game fails in the Senate
  121. polygamy pick a side!
  122. Goodbye U.S Sovereignty... Hello One World Government !
  123. HR 615 Bill forcing house and senate reps. to take the government run health care.
  124. Britain Hates Obama
  125. The Book of Genesis: A Graphic Novel (NSFW)
  126. WTF? Obama phone
  127. Tlc Chow Rescue (former IZOOK founders)
  128. Arnold Schwarzenegger's veto letter to teh state assembly
  129. Wall Street Journal on the state of Michigan
  130. 1948 Cartoon
  131. So you want to blindly follow Obama?
  132. Looks like Meth to me
  133. So, Exactly WHY Do I Hate Obama?
  134. holy crap!! do they really need cell phones
  135. Finally, Proof god exists!
  136. Listen up, general
  137. Republicans take over "obama country"
  138. almost 2 million people are on MI Medicaid
  139. Palin book tour to start in GR
  140. YAY Obama! Way to address the country about Fort Hood.
  141. Unemployment numbers just released, first time since 1983 above 10%!
  142. Was the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist?
  143. Hidden in new house bill
  144. House Passes Health Care Bill
  145. No health ins- Go to JAIL
  146. Happy Birthday Marine Corps
  147. Obama defends Hasan - the Fort Hood shooter
  148. What a fucking douche bag!
  149. Oh noes, they're after tha tittays.
  150. End Clinton-era military base gun ban
  151. They're Back!! ACORN sues federal govt for taken off the teat
  152. Rudy Giuliani Reacts To The 9/11 Terrorist Trial
  153. Cop steals marijuana, uses it, thinks he's dying, calls 911
  154. Sarah Palin Book Thread
  155. Teabaggers Punk'd
  156. Heather Ellis Faces 15 Years in Prison for Cutting Line at Walmart
  157. Make you think?
  158. War on Christmas Thread
  159. Stimulating! Ten New Congressional Districts in Michigan!
  160. Racism linked to Darwin
  161. Wtf?
  162. Laminin and God, not this one sorryPLS DELETE
  163. Laminin and God
  164. And they want to provide us with Govt. Health Care ... USPS Claims
  165. Fack me sideways, a.k.a. animated unemployment by county...
  166. A Brief 2 Minute History Of The Origins Of Thanksgiving
  167. Arizona poll re illegal imigrants
  168. Ronald Reagan 1961 Speaks Out Against Socialism.
  169. Interesting evolution theory
  170. African americans 18-24 = 35% unemployment rate
  171. un-f'n-believable. Navy seal's charged for giving the most wanted terrorist
  172. The White House's unprecedented use of 'unprecedented'
  173. Climategate?
  174. The Us Debt Clock
  175. ACORN back in the money. Our money!!
  176. granholm's official apology.
  177. Crashergate
  178. Obama's "catholic Plan" Some very interesting food for thought!!!!!
  179. Nothing like a flow chart to stir things up...
  180. obama strikes disney?
  181. Presidential Address Thread
  182. Laws of physics to be repealed/ amended.
  183. Joanna Krupa NSFW: PETA vs. Catholic Church
  184. this man needs help!!!
  185. Gore cancels personal appearance in Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
  186. a bit of good news on the healthcare front maybe?
  187. Cash Strapped PDs Tap New Source of Revenue: Stealing!
  188. of all the stupid f'ing things...
  189. Obama=Nobel
  190. obama is making the black people in congress mad
  191. Petition to Cease and Desist The Prosecution of 3 Navy Seals
  192. government sucks!!
  193. coat hanger in the jay (warning: facts presented)
  194. Why America sucks and Japan is smart
  195. Mr. Toes is a prophet?
  196. This is Too Damn Funny....(Obama)
  197. Did you guys hear about the new Conservapedia bible project?
  198. President Obama gives himself a B-plus grade
  199. giggity giggity! obamas new approval rating
  200. Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West
  201. Copenhagan Climate talks suspeneded...HAHA!
  202. township meeting read it
  203. 3 thing the fed could change to stimulate job growth.
  204. Job Growth
  205. Obama's Safe Schools Czar *NSFW*
  206. Health Care
  207. Last minute Christmas gift ideas?
  208. We were wrong... So were you.
  209. Al Franken's new amendment
  210. The Gov. Will Take over Everything wait a see.
  211. Bad time for a blizzard
  212. Iran takes over an Iraqi oil well. lol. this will not end well.
  213. Nine Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs
  214. Global Warming Bullshit
  215. you stupid
  216. uhm... so who is going to buy US Debt now?
  217. Heathcare Pass Today 60 yeahoo vs 40 naaaz
  218. Obama's Czars
  219. Constructive Solutions?
  220. Maine to consider cell phone cancer warning
  221. Pay for health care in 09
  222. Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith switches to GOP
  223. I'm so happy our President has Time!!!
  224. Many of you will like this.
  225. Boiling the Frog
  226. Our governemnt is giving us the best christmas present ever
  227. The latest example of violating principles of transparency and accountability in the
  228. The Bible Is True!!!
  229. Could you accept it?
  230. QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Napolitano: "The system worked"
  231. Barney Frank
  232. great video of detroit
  233. Obama Changes U.S. Immigration Policy
  234. why find middle ground?
  235. Tea Party's January 20, 2010 National Day of Strike:
  236. Way to go Newt.
  237. Figured out why......
  238. Well Healthcare lefties, now what?
  239. Obama Opinion Poll, VOTE
  240. Sad Discovery
  241. $35,800 fine for Blasphemy in Ireland as of 1/1/10
  242. Snow Bound DC uses prisoners to shovel snow...how novel?
  243. Is it true?
  244. Iron chef at the white house!
  245. 13 state AGs threaten suit over health care deal
  246. Detroit In Ruins (Future of America?)
  247. So who will be the MI democrats sacrificial lamb in the Governors race?
  248. Asian Carp Threat Rejected
  249. Azz Hat! Revenge?
  250. Stupid people in the winter