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  1. where do you want to start?
  2. Report from the ORV advisory meeting in Michigan this month.
  3. Link to Michigan House Bill 5343, redefining the term "ATV" and "Forest Road"
  4. Ever wonder what our neighbors get for their money?
  5. Where to offroad
  6. heres a little something to educate yourselves about "forest certification".
  7. Heres your Chance to do something Good for our trails
  8. Full size 4x4s
  9. Just an idea
  10. The road to common sense
  11. 4WD Economic Survey
  12. New Drunk driving for offroading is going to the senate soon.
  13. the November meeting minutes are up
  14. Authorities arrest 6 ecoterror suspects
  15. Local ORV Park needs your letters of support by Dec.20th
  16. Gladwin County ...ORV OPEN?
  17. Shrewd Strategy fuels Bush Policy efforts
  18. strange bed fellows take up the fight to save all things green
  19. Hurricane relief from the sale of public lands...
  20. please read! a excerpt from a post by Dick Ranney
  21. From the Huron-Manistee National Forests website
  22. Ever wonder how the Endangered species act works?
  23. Write a letter to help save Tellico! you only have till 1-13-06
  24. UFWDA Joins Lawsuit to Prevent Off Road Vehicle Closures Throughout USA
  25. Washington sate gets some common sence changes
  26. ORV Advisory Board Meeting Nov. 8th
  27. 11 Indicted in Eco Terrorism case
  28. Environmental Hysteria Debunked!
  29. Gladwin County is conducting a poll to see if they should go ORV open
  30. Daniel Boone National Forest closed to all ORVs
  31. Fender Laws
  32. ORV Board Changed Locations for the Meetings
  33. BLM Renders Decision on Moab Jeep Safari Activities
  34. Dark Elves...
  35. Anti access petitions put forward by gas stations?
  36. ATV's earn Kudo's from Police
  37. Another Eco Nazi lawsuit
  38. Michigan's Bill 5543 Would Ban Most Aftermarket Exhaust Systems
  39. "Public" Lands don't belong to us..
  40. ORV Board Meeting minutes are up
  41. Ideaological splits plague group that governs offroading
  42. Public land sales plan challenged by lawmakers
  43. so whos on our side any ways?
  44. My letter to the Governor
  45. Forest Certfication... its here to stay!
  46. golden opportunity/ more trails for us
  47. lets make this happen!!!!!!!!!
  48. Help Save Gray Rock ORV Park In Alabama
  49. Ok question about Private property postings
  50. The Issues we face in 2006 by Dick Ranney
  51. Urgent Action Needed: Congress considering drastic
  52. Ask Dick Devo about land
  53. Your Favorite Trail Could Now Be Legal
  54. New Play Area
  55. Candidate questionnaire
  56. Recent ruling by the Attorney General
  57. new ORV law went into effect today
  58. new ORV law went into effect today
  59. It's just as bad in Florida
  60. Meadows trail closed
  61. LOCAL Road Closure Hearing Scheduled
  62. The mounds...Before and after
  63. Genesee County residents ...Its time to Vote!
  64. Wheelers face forest limits
  65. PA451 Anti-Wheeling Wordage
  66. Minnesote needs our help, 4x4 limited acces
  67. Forest Plan Revision
  68. United's VOICE
  69. Petition to save california ORV areas.
  70. Meetings planned for public reveiw of forest managment plan
  71. August 9th ORV advisory board meeting
  72. Forest Management Plan Up For Public Review
  73. County Road Commission Phone Numbers
  74. UFWDA Survey on 4 wheeling economic impact
  75. ORV news in the U.P.
  76. Help save 4-wheeling in Michigan's national forests!
  77. Notice of Intent to Appeal . . .
  78. Alpena Citizens Committee meeting Sept 19th @ 5:30
  79. Rockport, Mi
  80. NOHVACC offers OHV/ USFS Travel Management/ OHV Program Workshop
  81. Time is coming for Brushing Sled trails...Need Volinteers!
  82. Rep Sheltrown drafting positive ORV legislation for Mi.
  83. Crap; A senators reply to me on forest certification - UPDATED
  84. My day on Staple Rd with the DNR and CRC
  85. Another Township Opens some roads to ATV traffic
  86. Federal Judge throws out Bush's roadless plan.
  87. Attention Michigan recreationists!
  88. Rocks @ the Mounds
  89. New offroad park in Canada.
  90. HOLY CRAP! BIG success that wasn't even looked for!
  91. Proposal 1 - Affects ORV funds
  92. We are in a fight for our dollars!
  93. New federal forest trail maps in the works.
  94. SB 924 passed!
  95. Is your run legal ??
  96. The votes are in...
  97. DNR Response to the draft plan
  98. question about the mounds
  99. NOHVCC conference in Grayling
  100. TREMENDOUS NEW OPPORTUNITY! Huron-Manistee NF seeks to create a 4WD Road Route System
  101. Time to get those letter writen to the state!
  102. Got a Reply to one of my letters also NOHVCC workshop Feb 1-4 in Grayling -
  103. Alpena county looking at going ORV Open on road shoulders.
  104. Misc. Michigan map links
  105. County ORV ordinances
  106. trout
  107. a few questions about vehicle usage
  108. Opportunity to keep Kids in the Mudd Open
  109. Help Keep KITM Open
  110. new silver lake regulations
  111. Update: Huron-Manistee NF Forest Plan Appeal
  112. This is what we are battling against out here.
  113. moab boycott
  114. USFS approved spark arrester?
  115. Paragon in Pennsylvania to close?
  116. Doing any wheeling? Fill out this form on line for GLFWDA.
  117. New 4X4 Park in Royal Oak.....
  118. so I got this letter??? I need some oppinions about what to do with it.
  119. silver lake mud
  120. so who makes the best ORV trail maps?
  121. Our super-secret and anonymous representative council
  122. another soon to be closed
  123. Attn: Jim Mazzola, the mounds are looking for you :)
  124. Rocks @ the Mounds clarification
  125. Lake county having a ORV Ordinance Meeting?
  126. The latest letter about the new ORV bill from Dick Ranney
  127. Join us in April to Support the Sport
  128. ORV Sticker Price
  129. Could this happen here? YOU BET!!!!
  130. United Four Wheel Drive Association Wins Lawsuit
  131. Towing Question
  132. Crystal Valley Firetower Hill to be Closed
  133. speed limit on seasonal roads?
  134. Washington Newsletter
  135. The latest on the ORV Bill
  136. United Four Wheel Drive Associations - 1st Quarter Update
  137. GLFWDA, my personal view of the changes
  138. Moab BLM Release Drafts of New Management Plan
  139. questions about the north country
  140. Illegal wheeling video in the UP
  141. This forum is for discussion on land use. Check the archive above before posting.
  142. Was This Legal Or Not !!!!
  143. Side Note to Video thread - OMB
  144. DNR & wheeling on private land
  145. Read, not our area, but still Importain
  146. Anything happen at the Advisory meeting?
  147. Muskegon County Roads : Update
  148. Recent Illegal 4x4 Use....Drummond Island w/pics
  149. so I took my kids to get orv safety certs...
  150. Tell Tennessee what you want in a trail system!
  151. Arizona Throws down the gauntlet to other states for OHV use.
  152. To promote tourism or...
  153. Mounds Rock Crawl update [RFP's out]
  154. Save our children, save our lighthouses, save our waterways, but no save our trails.
  155. More M Triangle Mapping (GPS), June 16th and 17th
  156. How NOT to winch.
  157. Rs2477
  158. Mounds needs examples of Rock courses
  159. Driving in lake superior!!!!! Waahooo!
  160. legal wheeling question
  161. Now the senate is after the sled guys.
  162. New Bill to make you wear seat belts offroad...
  163. oh well
  164. Link to the mounds rock course RFP. Please pass this on.
  165. Lookout...... Tellico is next on the closed down list
  166. Michigan tire laws. help!
  167. State closing 20 campgrounds to save money
  168. DNR-warning
  169. Latest on HB 4323 "Its on Jenny's desk!"
  170. Another nightmare for us ATVer's
  171. ORV Sticker
  172. from ama magazine
  173. The latest in State License fees
  174. Forms for assembled/custom vehicles in MI
  175. ORV handicap law...Questions?
  176. Off roading
  177. Silverdome
  178. BAD BAD Whelers
  179. Help Save Tellico, Work Weekend Planned
  180. state trail rant
  181. ORV board meeting-Lansing
  182. I need some oppinion please
  183. Abandoned truck at SL. Caught on fire, burned down, the guy left.
  184. 4 Sept 2007 - A degree of success [Eldorado Nat'l Forest Petition]
  185. How do I delete this duplicate thread?
  186. M-37 Project EA Comments made on behalf of 4WD enthusiasts
  187. Registered vehical a must for seasonal roads ??
  188. GLFWDA Land Use Committee - 3rd Quarter Report
  189. Another Victory in Michigan
  190. long nite
  191. Mesick Michigan
  192. If your headed to Canada to wheel...
  193. Petition to Save an Unimproved Road in Muskegon County
  194. SUCCESS!! - Petition to Save an Unimproved Road in Newaygo County
  195. GLFWDA Quarterly Membership Meeting
  196. GLFWDA Quarterly Membership Meeting
  197. four wheeler law help
  198. KITM orv park in Decatuar
  199. Can I drive my full size rig down a quad trail in michigan if I don't hit any trees?
  200. Waterford "Trails" Next to I-75..
  201. need opinions. legal issues for doing my poker run.
  202. Minnesota wheelers need your help to keep trails open
  203. Tread Lightly! Brings OHV Ethics Training to Michigan
  204. MOAB is under threat of closure
  205. Why don't you care about saving the trails?
  206. CLOSED: Some people were asking...
  207. Staple Road Abandonment, Muskegon County
  208. Trail closure and land use petition
  209. DRAFT 2008-2012 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
  210. who shit in your wheeties?
  211. Wheeling in the UP
  212. Caledonia Mud Bog end of Oct
  213. Very important trail ride Dec 1st. 11am. Rose City, Michigan. Please attend.
  214. MA - Land Use - Help
  215. Important Information About The Mounds Rock Course!!!
  216. I joined GLFWDA today!!!
  217. KITM going to court 10/29
  218. Drummond Island Wheeling
  219. Mounds meeting..Who's going?
  220. Lift Laws by state...
  221. Mounds meeting... What happened?
  222. Mounds meeting - Rowe Presentation
  223. KITM back in court on 11/21 - help show support!
  224. ATV laws
  225. GLFWDA Safety Certification form questions
  226. Help prevent closures at MOAB
  227. Mast Lake
  228. Precident Setting Wilderness Project - Comments Needed
  229. UFWDA staff and board announcements December 2007
  230. 4X4 Community raises $25K to help fight $300 fine
  231. Hiawatha Releases Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)
  232. Ottawa National Forest MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map)
  233. "Seasonal Roads"
  234. Upper Tellico Off-Highway Vehicle Area DECISION
  235. Interesting NY Times article
  236. New OR Park - NM
  237. Drummond Island illegal wheeling in Car and Driver ???
  238. Anderson Creek OHV trail system - help needed
  239. KITM Oral appeal Jan 22nd 3:30pm in Paw Paw
  240. New State ORV Draft Plan is out
  241. Vehicle Recovery Bible
  242. Good News from Moab!
  243. GLFWDA Tailgate Report Giveaway!
  244. United Four Wheel Drive Survey
  245. Jail time for illegal off-roading on Drummond Island
  246. new 08' rules for silver lake
  247. Comments on Jumin Jackpine Project
  248. Definitely not treading lightly
  249. Chain saws in the mounds?
  250. Anyone get a ticket for being over height?